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Thomas Earl Oates

Thomas Earl Oates leaves behind to mourn his wife Patricia Oates and daughters Tonia Oates-Baylor (Frank), Theresa Oates and Traci Oates; fifteen grandchildren including Tashara, Ukeyma Laura Tori Gertude Tyra Jordan

Professor and interim Associate Dean for Research / Assistant Dean for Clinical Research at UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry; also serving as Director of Southwest Region National Dental Practice-Based Research Network.

Early Life and Education

Tom developed an early passion for sports by reading various forms of coverage including magazines, newspapers, video games and websites. He was particularly drawn to stories told about legendary athletes and memorable games.

He was an attentive family man who found great pleasure in spending time with his wife and children. Additionally, he had an avid interest in history and loved learning more about past leaders’ lives.

He was inspired by nursing, becoming actively engaged with HIV/AIDS care for years. Now at the FXB Center as an adult nurse practitioner in ambulatory care providing health services to clients living with HIV and AIDS as well as teaching nursing and physician assistant students.

Professional Career

Chief Oates brings years of public and private practice experience, including litigation, trials, appeals and arbitration proceedings as well as being an adept negotiator.

Oates attended Watertown High School before earning a scholarship to Boston University where he played a key role in helping the Terriers attain a dramatic win against Maryland, the then national champion, in 1949.

His current book investigates how popular media texts – fictionalized cinematic and television melodramas about NFL team dynamics, sports news coverage of the draft, self-help books on leadership, and computer games such as Madden NFL – shape the ideological work that the NFL performs with regard to dominant constructions of race, gender, and class. He situates the concussion crisis within this framework while asserting that intersectional feminist visions for disrupting its dominance may now be more feasible than ever.

Achievement and Honors

Tom is a highly motivated, skilled leader and excellent project manager with 19 years of experience at Oates Associates. He oversees the pursuit and completion of building and site projects and also serves as an adjunct instructor in SIUE’s School of Engineering.

Joyce Carol Oates began publishing novels at an exceptional pace in her thirties, often producing two or three per year and exploring new genres while simultaneously reviseng American history.

Tom Oates of Dewsbury was honored to receive the Henry Worsley Award at London’s Endeavour Fund Awards ceremony, given annually to inspiring members of the Armed Forces community who use sport or adventure therapy to aid with recovery. Tom was joined at this prestigious event by His Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Personal Life

Tom Oates of Gloucester and Leah Breda from Wakefield were blessed to call Tom their loving father. Additionally, he leaves behind a large extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins that were always there when needed despite his courageous battle against cancer for many years – they will all miss him forever!

He has extensive experience representing clients in complex commercial disputes and litigation matters ranging from breach of contract and common law tort claims to complex Chapter 11 proceedings.

Thomas Oates is an assistant professor of American Studies and Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa, holding dual appointments in American Studies and Journalism and Mass Communication. His interdisciplinary scholarship has appeared in journals across communication studies, sport studies, cultural studies and more – most notably with Football and Manliness being published and The NFL: Critical and Cultural Perspectives co-edited with him as co-editors.

Net Worth

Tom and his family own Burntshirt Vineyards in Hendersonville as well as manufacturing company MWW that distributes crafts, novelties, and home goods. Together they have successfully grown the business over time; today it continues to thrive and flourish.

Oates testified at his trial and claimed he shot Davis and Darrah Lane out of self-defense, saying they attempted to climb into their car from within before it drove away, before seeing Darrah reach for her gun and reaching out towards it, so that Oates took action in self-defence by shooting them both.

Oates invests much of his wealth in real estate and charity work. He owns homes in Nashville and western North Carolina as well as multiple properties used as equestrian farms.

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