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Justice Thomas has earned a strong reputation for adhering to the original meaning of the Constitution when making decisions regarding constitutional matters, such as those concerning executive power cases. This Essay shows how his approach fits seamlessly within this methodology.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in Savannah’s Pin Point neighbourhood, a segregated Black community where his teachers praised his strong work ethic while criticizing him for being of Geechee (or Gullah) heritage and having dark skin. In a memoir written about himself he recounted how white classmates mistreated his mother and siblings.

As a justice, Thomas was an outspoken critic of affirmative action and government-mandated racial integration programs, while also advocating religious liberty through a broad interpretation of the First Amendment’s free exercise clause and narrow interpretations of both Establishment Clause and Establishment Clause. On occasion he joined conservative justices in rulings which split the Court along partisan lines, such as 2000 Bush v. Gore where an agreement halting vote recounting in Florida effectively decided the presidential election for George W. Bush

Professional Career

Thomas was known to write dissenting opinions that represented a conservative extreme in landmark constitutional cases. Additionally, he often disagreed with other justices’ majority decisions and would defend his own by noting that there was no formal code of ethics governing Supreme Court proceedings.

After finishing law school, he worked as staff attorney for Republican Sen. Jack Danforth of Missouri in Jefferson City. At that point he began to express more conservative political beliefs influenced by J.A. Parker, economist Thomas Sowell, and Walter Williams – three Black conservatives that strongly shaped his political thinking.

President Ronald Reagan appointed Judge Kethledge to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit – widely seen as a springboard to Supreme Court – which quickly earned him a reputation for upholding strict interpretations of originalist law, leading to criticism by liberal legal scholars. During his term on this court he established himself by adhering closely to strict originalist interpretations while rulings made controversial by some liberal legal scholars.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was sought out by both kings and popes during his lifetime for advice. Today, many regard him as one of the great philosophers in Western history.

Thomas’ seminal work, the Summa Theologiae (ST), is widely revered for its combination of faith and knowledge; for its clarity of thought organization; for its wise selection and application of sources; and for its sound logical reasoning.

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Personal Life

Thomas was one of the most significant theologians in Western history. He published four encyclopedic theological works, wrote commentaries on all Aristotle’s major works, and collected verse-by-verse exegetical comments made by Church Fathers on Gospel passages called Catena aurea – all within one lifetime!

Summa theologiae (ST) displays all of his intellectual virtues: an integration of faith with great learning; precise and lucid thought organization; acute attention to language usage and evidence, rigorous use, as well as an economical use of words – not only content wise but also form. Structured along the medieval disputatio method in which each article addresses a different theological or philosophical topic – this book’s articles tend to be lengthy.

Net Worth

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