Thomas Pecorelli

Thomas Pecorelli of Newburyport, Massachusetts and worked as a cameraman on television was aboard the flight that crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. He was married and expecting his first child.

He was an accomplished cameraman, bringing his talent to Fox Sports studio programs, E! Entertainment Television and award shows such as Emmys and Oscars.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Pecorelli hails from Newburyport, Massachusetts and was on his way to becoming a television journalist when history altered itself on September 11th. American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center killing both him and Kia Pavloff who was three months pregnant at the time.

Thomas was an incredible cameraman. His expertise ranged from Fox Sports studio programs, E! Entertainment Television shows, red-carpet events and red carpet coverage. Thomas will be dearly missed.

Tommy was an exemplary family man, leaving behind his mother, father, four siblings and Kia; now his family is dedicating money in Tommy’s name annually to award two students with scholarships that will enable them to follow their dreams.

Professional Career

Thomas Pecorelli began his television career as an apprentice at a local station in Newburyport, Massachusetts. There he worked behind-the-scenes on sports shows as well as high-profile events like the Emmys and Academy Awards.

He was 30 when he boarded American Airlines Flight 11 out of Boston on Sept. 11 to become a father; unfortunately he left behind Kia Pavloff who was carrying their first child.

They were living in Topanga on rent, while he had recently begun searching for permanent housing options. Additionally, he had loving mother, sister and four siblings as well as extended family who all cherished his presence – some even established an annual scholarship in his name for local broadcasting students.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Pecorelli was an incredible cameraman renowned for his work with Fox Sports, The Last Word with Jim Rome and the Emmy’s. Additionally, he was a loving husband and father living life to its fullest in Topanga Canyon, California.

Kia Pavloff was 29 when she tragically passed away during Flight 11 aboard American Airlines on 9/11/01 from complications during their first pregnancy, joining their husband David Pavloff who also passed that day aboard American Airlines Flight 11. Kia was one of many talented television industry professionals that perished that fateful day.

As a testament to his love of broadcasting, Thomas Pecorelli’s family established an annual scholarship called the Thomas Pecorelli Against All Odds Scholarship that is awarded to Newburyport High School students who continue studying audio/visual. Heather Chadsey and Heidi Rogers received this year’s award and Kathryn Bumpus will receive it next year.

Personal Life

At 12 years old, Pecorelli knew what his calling would be: filmmaking was his calling. He loved working behind the camera to cover events such as city council meetings. Later he joined NBC’s affiliate in Newburyport, shooting entertainment shows such as Talk Soup on E! and high-profile events such as Emmy and Academy Awards ceremonies.

On Sept. 11 2001, Kia and Robert were traveling back home from Boston on American Airlines Flight 11. Kia had attended her friend’s wedding and spent time visiting family in Massachusetts; Robert was 30 and expecting their first child together.

He left behind his mother, father, four siblings and an extended family that continues to pay tribute to his passion for broadcasting by awarding a scholarship each year in his name.

Net Worth

Thomas Pecorelli began pursuing his love of broadcasting from an early age and quickly established a successful career as a cameraman on television. He worked behind-the-scenes for Fox Sports studio shows as well as entertainment programs like Talk Soup on E!, including red carpet events such as Oscars and Emmys red carpet events.

On September 11, 2001, Pecorelli boarded American Airlines Flight 11 at Logan Airport in Boston after attending a wedding there and his wife Kia was three months pregnant with their first child.

At 30 years old, he died aboard an airplane crash, leaving behind his mother, father, four siblings and an annual scholarship established in his name to award Newburyport High School students who remain passionate about broadcast journalism.

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