Thomas Pender

Thomas Pender served as both Senior Trial Attorney for the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio and Trial Defense Counsel in Tongduchon, South Korea. Additionally, he represented numerous insurance industry defendants in junk fax and football concussion class action lawsuits.

He married his first wife in 1848 – Mary Felt (b. Michigan 1828, died Iowa aged 31)

Early Life and Education

Thomas Pender was born in Brownsville, Tennessee to John and Regina Pender and attended Mansfield Senior High School during the early 1950s where he participated on its softball team. Subsequently he moved to Marion Ohio and started working for General Mills.

He was a stonemason by trade and lived near Watertown in Jefferson Co. until around 16 years of age when he decided to make his own way in life. Traveling by lake Erie to Buffalo and Detroit eventually landing Ann Harbor/Ypsilanti Michigan as his home and settling there for 20 years before eventually heading home again.

At Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas, Harper’s Ferry and Sharpsburg where he was wounded by shell fragments from enemy guns, as well as Gettysburg where he served Maj Gen A P Hill’s division but did not take part in his attack to capture Cemetery Hill, he saw action against Maj Gen Hill’s division and not involved with Cemetery Hill capture en echelon attack en echelon attack which captured Cemetery Hill.

Professional Career

Tom has long been known for being an accomplished trial lawyer, having successfully tried numerous cases to verdict. His experience spans commercial litigation, banking law and plaintiff personal injury. At one point in his career, he even obtained a then-record verdict in a traumatic brain injury claim.

He possesses extensive experience in arbitration and mediation. A member of the American Arbitration Association since 1992 and certified mediator, he also brings extensive knowledge in these areas.

Pender contended that the trial court made an error in not giving more weight to his previous positions as constable and deputy constable, citing his past record as evidence for suitability for the position. However, the appellate court disagreed with this argument.

Achievement and Honors

Divon has demonstrated his academic and leadership potential both inside the classroom, being honored with Dean’s List recognition and selection to his school’s Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa. Furthermore, he has become a key member of his local community by serving as member of South Plainfield, NJ’s board of education.

Thomas has been an integral member of Tufts basketball coaching staff since 1971, helping lead them to both a conference title in 1972 and NCAA tournament appearance the following year. Additionally, Cane the retriever has won him national field trialing championships.

Pender & Coward has earned several River Star Business awards for its efforts to reduce pollution and enhance Elizabeth River waterways and environment, such as hosting free environmental webinars. Their environmental stewardship culture dates back to 1997.

Personal Life

Thomas Pender was born and raised in Brownsville, Tennessee before moving to Mansfield, Ohio for high school and softball tournaments with his brothers John, Tyrone “Slick”, Terry, Fred Ricky and Randy Soul Brother tournaments. Additionally he previously worked at General Mills.

He was highly involved in political life during his lifetime, playing an essential role in organizing township and county affairs. Additionally, he served three years on the initial Board of County Commissioners.

An avid reader and community theater lover, his greatest source of pride was his family – married to Barbara with four children between them; also grandad to five grandchildren he passed away peacefully on April 16, 2022 in Marion Ohio.

Net Worth

Tom Pender currently boasts an estimated net worth of $22.8 Million as of 8 November 2019. His main source of income comes from ownership and sales of Boise Cascade Co stock.

He currently resides at 30 Mildred Ter, Roxbury Township, NJ 07836-9204 and has several known relatives such as Kathy Stephens, Katherine Pender, Sandra Pender, Barbara Pender, Troy Wise and Vincent Hahn.

At one of his early jury trials, he secured a record verdict for a Ford Motor Company welder suffering from traumatic brain injury. Additionally, he has obtained several multimillion-dollar settlements on behalf of clients and practices across a range of personal injury matters; additionally he serves as trial counsel for major banking litigation firms.

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