Thomas Pondick

Thomas Pondick is a Sculptor – Net Worth of $300,000

Pondick, who describes herself as an enthusiastic material-hoard, creates striking sculptural hybrids in bronze, aluminum and stainless steel that disconcertingly expand bodies while adding mutant elements such as her early work entitled Dog (yellow stainless steel 1988-2001). Her earlier pieces such as that featured her own head like Dog made an impressionist’s dream come true.

Her latest works made from pigmented resin and acrylic highlight both literal and spiritual disconnections. Grapefruit Platter (20), for instance, features twenty headless bodies in an opaque milky translucent mass.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Pondick was born and lives in Rainbow City, Alabama. He has held various jobs throughout his career; most notably as a project specialist for interiors at Lowe’s. Thomas is the son of Glenn and Penny Pondick; his spouse is Haven Albright with whom they share two children: Lindsey and Alexander.

Pondick first gained recognition with her series of hybrid metal sculptures from the late eighties to nineties that combined human and animal body parts into bizarre genetic mutations, employing hand modeling, carving and casting techniques as part of her process. Later she introduced color and resin into her investigations of metaphor and metamorphosis; her new pigmented acrylic resin pieces presented here feature striking disjunctions between heads, bodies and bases that speak volumes about this artist’s oeuvre.

Professional Career

Thomas Pondick has used sculpture for decades to explore metamorphosis and reinterpretation of existing objects, exploring themes like hair, body parts and furniture in her pieces as well as various materials including resin and acrylic.

The economic changes of the 1970s left an impactful mark on the art world, sparking several revolutionary new movements such as Land Art (producing art outside), Conceptualism ( focusing on process over content) and Postmodernism ( which challenged earlier notions of realism).

Rona Pondick’s sculptures combine human bodies with plants or animals to imply genetic mutations, while also merging ancient with modern, Eastern with Western, Greco-Roman with Egyptian, European with American art forms.

Achievement and Honors

Pondick has had over 45 solo exhibitions during her career. Her works can be found in multiple museum collections including Worcester Art Museum and DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Massachusetts; furthermore she has earned numerous awards and fellowships throughout this journey.

Her drawings often explore the intersection of human and non-human forms, something she has explored since early days as a material-holic. She particularly enjoys using handmade mulberry paper, with its skin-like quality that helps her create menacing heads with sharp noses which merge, recede and resurface over multiple layers in each drawing.

At the award ceremony, the “Building Bridges” team composed of Shelley Brown, Mark Jacobs, Bonny Kellermann Rose McGrath and Joseph Recchio from Alumni Association Resource Development Treasurer Office Web development teams was honored with a special award. Haven Albright and Alexander Pondick tied the knot on December 5, 2020 with Tommy Crocker officiating their ceremony.

Personal Life

Thomas Pondick of Rainbow City, Alabama works as a project specialist – interiors at Lowe’s Companies. An avid fan of both professional wrestling and punk rock music, Thomas is the son of Glenn and Penny Pondick and has two siblings named Haven Albright and Alexander Pondick.

Pondick’s sculptural menagerie seamlessly merges her head and hands (matte stainless-steel likenesses derived from life casts) onto stylized animal bodies of disparate sizes, in a seamless fashion. Her objects reclaim a fascination with human-nonhuman hybrids that has long dominated art – Gober’s wax torsos, genital wallpaper, embroidered body parts and wax torsos, Messager’s photographs depicting disembodied heads breasts buttocks pinned onto women’s clothing as well as Smith organs blood vessels and limbs rendered into bronze or glass; Wojnarowicz painted images and autobiographical texts addressing disease such as AIDS.

Net Worth

Thomas Pondick currently resides in Rainbow City, Alabama and boasts an estimated net worth of $300,000. Since 2017, he has been working as a Project Specialist – Interiors for Lowe’s Companies Inc as part of their Interior Project Specialist Division team. Thomas is supported by his parents Marc and Traci Pondick; grandparents Joseph Hilleke and Ping Pondick; niece Lindsey Pondick and Joshua Pondick as well as Alexander; his dog Gigi is his companion; Daryl is his cat friend; Daryl being his companion animal; Daryl being his pet companions for which to complete their family unit! To gain further insights into Thomas’ personal and professional lives you may request his full report which details his schools attended, degrees earned, criminal convictions as well as civil judgments against him or any civil judgments brought against them as well.

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