Thomas Rough

Thomas Rough

Thomas Rough has been an integral component of the 49ers defense this season. After starting off the year undermatched, Rough made an interception that sealed Week 18 victory and put San Francisco into contention for playoff consideration.

He worked as a cowboy, miner, army scout and Pinkerton detective throughout his career; however, it was his association with Elvis Costello that brought him the greatest fame.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in a Catholic family, although they struggled financially and he never completed high school. Thomas wanted to become a priest but was put off by their passive stance towards civil rights issues within their religion.

Reportedly, he found some success as both a radio host and actor in early television commercials for Wendy’s restaurants. Although critics mocked his nervous appearance and awkward rhythm, these ads became immensely popular among viewers.

Later he served as legislative assistant to Senator John C. Danforth of Michigan and has held various board of director positions with Michigan city charities and community organizations as well as the Marshall County Tax Adjustment Board. Additionally he currently teaches constitutional law at Saint Mary’s University of South Bend Indiana as an adjunct professor.

Professional Career

Thomas was known for his perseverance and self-reliance on the football field, even during high school. Unfortunately, however, his measurements didn’t garner enough interest from NFL scouts to warrant their consideration as potential draftees. Instead he eventually ended up at Texas Tech University as a three-year starter.

His aggressive play style and relentless tenacity led to three broken facemasks during his college career, traits which helped set him apart in the NFL where he quickly emerged as an elite player.

Thomas had an unproductive 2023 season despite his success. He failed to make the weekend cut in all but one tournament and narrowly missed making the FedEx Cup playoffs. Following the Wyndham Championship he posted an admission that it had been “tough season”, yet expressed confidence that things could turn around soon.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has received many honors and awards for his radio work. He was recognized by Black Radio Exclusive as DJ of the Year and won three Marconi Excellence in Radio Awards; additionally, he was inducted into the National Black Radio Hall of Fame.

Thomas has created the controversial Ten Bullets as a quirky instruction guide with ten rules of working in his studio. Most may consider this absurd, yet many people from art world snobs in their 60s all the way down to kids camped out for his Nike collaboration would give anything just to work in Thomas’s studio.

Thomas’ abstract paintings are currently featured in a touring survey co-organized by the Chrysler Museum and Columbus Museum of Art, showing their influence from three and half decades spent teaching; an era historian Thurlow Tibbs refers to as Thomas’ “fermenting phase”.

Personal Life

Thomas Rough was known for pursuing various professions during his lifetime. From musician and authorship, to acting in TV commercials and portraying Tom Mix – an eccentric cowboy known for befriending Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa – Rough had many roles at play.

Thomas Rough struggled financially as his musical career flourished, yet relied on his adoptive grandmother for guidance and support despite its success. She encouraged and prodded him toward success and through this support Thomas eventually overcame any hardships in his path to achieving greatness.

Janet was his wife, Thomas was his son, Elizabeth was his daughter; and there are grandchildren and siblings among their ranks as well. They all took great pride in his dark skin which stood out among his siblings but never caused friction between family members.

Net Worth

Thomas has amassed substantial wealth through his acting career. After half a century in the business and numerous awards and honors to his credit, as well as investment opportunities in multiple companies he holds an estimated net worth estimated to be about $25 Million.

He has voiced Barry Robinson in the animated series American Dad since 2005 and made appearances in music videos for 311 and Kina Grannis, as well as guesting appearances on shows such as One Life to Live and Law & Order.

He is currently the manager of QC Records and has successfully convinced many 300 Entertainment artists to sign with his label – helping it to become one of Hip Hop’s premier recording labels.

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