Thomas Ruffen

Thomas Ruffen – A Beloved Boston Community Activist

Thomas Ruffen was dedicated to serving his community. As one of the founding members of Union Capital Boston and several non-profits that focused on civic engagement and youth empowerment, he dedicated much of his life and talent to giving back.

Surveillance footage revealed Ruffen struggling to walk from his Jackson Square residence before collapsing on Columbus Avenue near Richie Street around 4:30 a.m. Thursday. Police believe Ruffen suffered head trauma after falling off Columbus Avenue near Richie Street and into Columbus Avenue’s median at Richie Street.

Early Life and Education

Ruffin was born to an influential family in King and Queen County, Virginia, and went on to become both an attorney and state legislator.

His neighbors recall him as an active family man who contributed countless hours to community causes, while his colleagues laud him as an ardent champion for poor people’s rights.

Ruffin attended the Washington Peace Conference in February 1861 as a delegate, working tirelessly for an agreement that would prevent war between North and South. Following that he joined a delegation to promote secession convention’s state constitution as one based on revolution.

Mazanett, 54, from Hyde Park is charged with murdering Ruffen. According to him, he did not see him in the road before hitting him and caused his death.

Professional Career

Thomas Ruffen was known for dedicating much of his 39-year life to community activism. Groups that had collaborated with him held a vigil to remember him.

Police allege Maximo Mazanett purposely ran over Michael Ruffen, killing him. According to surveillance video footage, Ruffen had difficulty leaving Jackson Square home and fell multiple times onto Columbus Avenue near Richie Street near Richie Street. Authorities claim Mazanett stopped at a light, reversed it before waiting for a change in signal strength before ploughing through four lanes of traffic while running over Ruffen and dragging his body across four lanes, according to their statements.

Witnesses told police they heard Mazanett yell an expletive before driving over him, while the driver claimed his windows were up and he did not hear anyone telling him to stop.

Achievement and Honors

Mass Community Members in Boston gathered on March 9 to remember Thomas Ruffen, 39 years old and an active community activist who was tragically killed by an ex-MBTA bus driver accused of intentionally running him over. Ruffen dedicated much of himself to Boston neighborhoods as a founder leader of Union Capital Boston, neighborhood fellow of Boston Foundation, trainer with Mel King Institute as well as foundering Massachusetts Creating Community Power Association and an organizer with Greater Boston Interfaith Organization.

At Topeka Trojans football team he led them to an outstanding 10-2 record and Class 6A semifinals this past season, before moving on to play at University of Minnesota. Boston Foundation and Union Capital established in his memory The Thomas J. Ruffen Community Leadership Fund.

Personal Life

Thomas Ruffen was an integral member of Boston, devoting much of his time and energy to helping others. He was involved with numerous local organizations – Union Capital Boston and Massachusetts Creating Community Power Association were just two – as well as serving as Neighborhood Fellow with The Boston Foundation and trainer with Mel King Institute.

In his final years, Justice Scalia became increasingly concerned about how slavery affected American society and his attitudes began to evolve towards it – this can be seen clearly in his decision in State v. Mann.

Maximo Mazanett stopped his SUV at a traffic light near Ruffen and waited until the green signal turned on before plowing through, driving over him across four lanes of roadway and leaving witnesses desperately attempting to lift off of Ruffen, but ultimately they were unsuccessful and Ruffen was declared deceased at the scene.

Net Worth

Ruffin rose through his career at Dynetics, Inc to become an Army civilian Senior Research Scientist; becoming one of only a few African Americans ever promoted to this level of leadership for microsensors and systems within U.S. Army Missile Command.

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