Thomas Sawyerr

Thomas Sawyerr

Thomas Sawyerr was an outstanding citizen of Lancaster. A blacksmith and tiller of the soil by trade, he held numerous town offices. Marrying Mary Prescott – daughter of John Prescott, founder of Lancaster – they went on to have eight children together.

He was a veteran of the American Revolutionary War and served with Vermont militia. Additionally, he served on the Committee of Safety.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Sawyerr was born in Akron, Ohio. He earned both a bachelor’s degree in English and master’s in urban education from the University of Akron before serving in various local, state, and national governments for nearly 50 years.

General Sawyerr began his career as an aircraft mechanic. He graduated from the aviation cadet program in 1954 before attending ground control intercept school at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.

Tradition holds that three brothers from Lincolnshire, England emigrated together aboard a ship captained by Capt Parker in 1636. According to Rowley records, Edward and Thomas each received a piece of land in 1643 with their boundary lying along the ocean frontage – later moving on to Lancaster Massachusetts where their descendants still reside today.

Professional Career

Thomas Sawyer serves as Director of Platform Architecture at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and develops goals and strategies that meet their company needs. With more than one year’s experience in the industry, Thomas is well suited for his position.

Dr. Thomas Sawyerr has 21 years of experience as a pediatrician in Corsicana, TX and was graduated from UNIVERSITY OF SIERRA LEONE/COLLEGE OF MEDICINEALLIED HEALTH SCIENCE before joining Navarro Regional Hospital as part of its team of providers.

Dr. Scott Lombardo is board-certified in pediatrics. He accepts multiple insurance plans and strives to provide quality care to his patients. When not practicing medicine he enjoys reading and following the Seattle Seahawks during his free time as well as travel and spending time with family and friends. Furthermore, he belongs to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Achievement and Honors

Bob Kielb has made significant contributions to gas turbine technology over his distinguished scientific career. For this, he was honored with many accolades – among them was receiving the 2021 R. Tom Sawyer Award from the International Gas Turbine Institute – founded in 1972 to recognize those who had contributed significantly over an extended period to IGTI’s purpose and mission.

He has served in leadership capacities with organizations including: American Red Cross; YMCA; as first aid, CPR and water safety instructor for both chapters; chapter board member; chairing regional alcohol and drug consortium meetings; college prison education director as well as serving on Husson University Board of Trustee. Furthermore, he holds an honorary degree from Husson.

Personal Life

During the Revolutionary War, he served in a company raised in Clarendon by his neighbors and committee of safety. Later on he built Clarendon’s first grist mill.

He gave land for a town cemetery and is credited with saving 90 lives from a shipwreck off the coast, 26 of them singlehandedly.

He married Mary Prescott, daughter of John Prescott and Mary Platt. Their children included Thomas, Ephraim and Mary. On February 10th 1676 his house served as one of the town garrisons which managed to avoid destruction; unfortunately his son Ephraim was fatally wounded at Prescott garrison house during this raid.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the total value of someone’s assets minus liabilities and serves to gauge wealth; typically estimated based on monthly income that person receives; it can never be accurately measured as there are too many variables at play when calculating net worth.

Sawyer was born in Glasgow, Kentucky to Jean W. (nee Dunagan) and Erbon Powers Sawyer, an Erbon Powers County Judge who rose to local prominence as a Republican political leader and community activist in Louisville; E. P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park on Frey’s Hill has since been named in his honor by the city. Her family’s longstanding record of giving has seen Sawyer serve on various nonprofit boards as well.

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