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Thomas Scalley Dies at the Age of 73

Thomas Scalley passed away at age 73. To find out more about his life on AncientFaces click here.

Scalley led his defense to become one of the best teams in 2021 by leading in both rushing defense and pass defense efficiency, ranking among the best red zone defense, first downs allowed and third down defense rankings.

He has contributed numerous second-round draft picks, such as linebacker Lloyd in 2016. Additionally, he can take credit for recruiting safety Pita Taumoepenu and cornerback Johnson into the NFL.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Scalley was born in his birth place. He has seven siblings: Patrick Scalley and Katie Scalley are his siblings.

He graduated with honors from the University of Utah with a master’s degree in Business. Since 2004, he has been playing professional football and currently coaches with Salt Lake City Stallions of Canadian Football League (CFL).

He spends his free time with family, traveling and cooking – as well as being known for his charitable works in local churches and schools. A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who served a Munich, Germany mission. Additionally he has two children of his own as well as many grandchildren.

Professional Career

He earned his living as a real estate developer, working in Manhattan, Boston and Houston. Additionally, he served on several public company boards of directors while belonging to the Institute of Real Estate Management.

He has also served as a volunteer in the 77th Precinct and Marine Corps Reserve for four years, earning many medals and badges of commendation from both institutions for his dedication and service to others.

He enjoys reading and spending time with his family. In addition, he likes cooking and watching game shows. Like most of his family members, he had LASIK surgery and it has greatly transformed his life; now being able to see when waking up in the morning as well as enjoying hobbies without glasses or contacts!

Achievement and Honors

Scalley has earned a stellar reputation as one of the finest defensive minds in college football. A finalist for the Broyles Award this year, he led Utah to national championships each of his seven years as defensive coordinator – leading Utah with his innovative “Relentless, Smart, Nasty, Ballhawks” defense plan that’s become one of the nation’s premier teams at stopping run plays.

Rivals has recognized him for recruiting well, ranking his 2010 class as the highest rated by any non-BCS school and 32nd overall. Additionally, his recruiting efforts have yielded several NFL defensive linemen such as Pita Taumoepenu and Kylie Fitts for fifth round selection as well as Anae Johnson in six round for her sixth round selection in 2022 – his defense leading its conference with both sacks and tackles for loss!

Personal Life

Thomas Scalley is an esteemed defensive coach, helping Utah produce one of the top defenses in the Pac-12 last season. Additionally, Utah was ranked as having one of the two best non-BCS recruiting classes (second in 2010 and sixth overall in 2020)

He is married to Melanie and father to Gordon Scalley. Sean Scalley resides in Madison, New Jersey while three of his sisters – Linda Scalley of Wilton Connecticut; Karen Anderson from Great Meadows New Jersey and Darlene Wilhide from Grafton Massachusetts are his siblings.

He is an enthusiastic golfer and deeply cares for his family, possessing an adventurous spirit with a humorous side. Additionally, he is committed to humanitarianism, having made numerous donations to charity over time. A true inspiration among his peers and family members alike.

Net Worth

Scalley remains on Utah’s staff with reduced pay reverting back to 2018 compensation levels; additionally he will take part in diversity and inclusion education.

The university will repurpose $100,000 of Scalley’s salary that was rescinded to enhance programming and staffing of Utah’s athlete-led anti-hate group. Scalley, as a former safety coach, knows recruiting safeties well and selling prospects on Utah – something which should help him find new employment when his current one ends. Ravell Call of the Deseret News reports.

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