Thomas Scarafile

Thomas Scarafile

Thomas Scarafile lives at 9575 Mallory Rd in New Hartford and can be found associated with several others through public records.

Notre Dame’s Religious Liberty Initiative provides advocacy, formation and thought leadership in support of religious freedom. You can access more details regarding this case on Justia’s docket and filings page.

Early Life and Education

Michael Scarafile hails from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina and attended Porter-Gaud High School. In 1991 he received his diploma and went on to study at both College of Charleston and then University of South Carolina Law School, eventually receiving his Juris Doctor in 1998. Additionally he is a member of both bodies as well as licensed real estate broker in his state of residence.

He currently chairs the Mercy Otis Warren Cape Cod Woman of the Year Selection Committee with an aim of increasing nominations from Falmouth to Provincetown for this award.

He currently resides at 9575 Mallory Rd in New Hartford, NY 13413 and free public records indicate he has a partner named Angelo L Scarafile with whom he shares three children; their relationship dates back approximately 33 years.

Professional Career

Thomas Scarafile, a Whitesboro police officer who was indicted Tuesday by an Oneida County grand jury for official misconduct and second-degree harassment charges, according to Oneida Daily Observer-Dispatch reports, is accused of surveilling and arresting waitress without probable cause earlier this year.

He joined the department in 2012 and holds certifications as an instructor for Intermediate Impact Weapons, Drug Recognition, and Handcuffing training. Additionally, he serves on our Crisis Negotiation Team.

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Achievement and Honors

Scarafile played an instrumental role in helping establish the first Collegiate Recovery Program at College of Charleston in 2015. She provided guidance, support, and leadership throughout its early development stage while garnering community and philanthropic support for this initiative.

Scarafile has received many honors for her efforts on behalf of women. Most notably, she has been honored as the Mercy Otis Warren Cape Cod Woman of the Year; an award given annually to women who make significant contributions in their communities; for example by feeding homeless people or helping rebuild after hurricanes.

Scarafile serves as chairman of the Mercy Otis Warren selection committee and has worked to increase nominations. Based in Barnstable Village, she regularly volunteers her time for local and international causes – such as earthquake relief in Haiti.

Personal Life

Thomas Scarafile currently lives with his wife and two children in Charleston. Additionally, he serves on the boards of directors for both Charleston Regional Development Alliance and Trident Technical College Foundation as well as being named to Swanepoel Power 200 which honors residential real estate leaders.

He hails from Charleston, South Carolina, attending Porter-Gaud High School before going on to graduate from College of Charleston and law school at University of South Carolina. Following law school he served as an intern clerk to Hon. A Victor Rawl in South Carolina circuit court before eventually becoming partner at McNair Law Firm.

He is survived by his wife, Susan; daughters Sarah Mikus of Duanesburg and Carolyn Montanaro of Amsterdam; son John Montanaro from Rotterdam; grandsons Jared and Mark Montanaro; sister Rose Smith as well as brother Sam Montanaro from Amsterdam, NY.

Net Worth

Michael Scarafile currently resides in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina where he owns and operates multiple real estate companies. Additionally, he sits on the Board for Charleston Regional Development Alliance as well as Trident Technical College Foundation as trustee. Prior to sentencing he submitted a financial affidavit which indicates a net worth exceeding $6 Million with eleven motor vehicles and two real properties under his name.

Thomas Scarafile reportedly has an estimated net worth of around $6.5 Million, having amassed an impressive list of accomplishments both professionally and personally. Though initially charged with harassment and official misconduct in 2019, his conviction was overturned on appeal in 2021 and now works in Charleston region in South Carolina.

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