Thomas Schmitt

Thomas Schmitt

Thomas Schmitt is an enthusiastic photographer who takes great pleasure in traveling around and photographing incredible scenes through his lens. He has traveled to various countries around the world and taken pictures in all sorts of settings from majestic mountains to picturesque beaches.

Since 2015, he has served as Chairman, President, and CEO of Forward Air. Additionally, he serves on DB Schenker’s Management Board while also participating on its Leadership Board at Xynteo.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Schmitt was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended school at the University of California before entering military service for 27 years in the U.S. Air Force – serving at Chanute AFB near Rantoul, Grand Forks AFB in North Dakota and finally Tin City AFB in Alaska before eventually retiring from active service.

After World War II, Schmitt continued his studies – including law – while hosting visitors, colleagues, and younger intellectuals until well into old age. Though isolated from mainstream academic life, he remained unrepentant of his role in Nazi state activities and refused denazification.

Schmitt is best known for his book Hamlet or Hecuba: The Intrusion of Time into the Play, an influential literary criticism and political theory work incorporating ideas from philosophers Walter Benjamin and Giorgio Agamben. Although some contemporary scholars have pointed out its anti-Semitic language, contemporary scholars do not regard this as undermining its impact as a work of political philosophy.

Professional Career

Tom Schmitt has made a name for himself across multiple areas of business, creating programs that have yielded profound improvements in finance and productivity – one forest products company saw double digit profit margin gains under his supervision while one of the nation’s largest cargo railroads saw increased efficiency as a result of his assistance.

He currently practices law with Sullivan and Cromwell as a partner, representing cases related to business, immigration and constitutional matters. Recently he represented Governor Tom Wolf in an appeal case about partisan gerrymandering and also made arguments before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit regarding patent venue rules.

Joel Theisen, CEO and founder of Lifespark, comments that Schmitt has an expansive experience that gives him a special understanding of where there may be opportunities to improve and transform health care marketplace. His philosophy blends perfectly with Lifespark model.

Achievement and Honors

Harrison Hagan Schmitt was an American geologist, retired NASA astronaut, university professor, and former United States senator from New Mexico. As one of the early professional scientists to fly in space and first scientist-astronaut to step foot on the Moon.

He currently serves on the Xynteo Leadership Board and as an Independent Non-Executive Director of Ferguson plc since 2019, in addition to previously serving on Dicom Transportation Group, Zooplus AG, and Univar, Inc boards. Additionally, he supports several charitable organizations like Shelby Farms Park and Ballet Memphis.

Tom Schmitt was honored by CEO Today magazine with an award as part of its 2019 USA Awards, honoring 100 of America’s leading CEOs who demonstrate exceptional leadership. Tom is co-authoring a book entitled Simple Solutions: Uncomplicated Ways to Successfully Lead and Expand Your Business which he co-wrote alongside John Caruso.

Personal Life

Thomas Schmitt is an enthusiastic traveler and photographer who has captured images from stunning locales around the globe. Additionally, Thomas is a fourth generation wine specialist who travels regularly to Germany’s famed Mosel region to select only premium Riesling wines for himself, his family, and their friends.

Forward Air Corporation recently appointed him Chairman, President and CEO. Prior to that he held positions on DB Schenker’s Management Board as Chief Commercial Officer; also holding roles with Greater Memphis Chamber and McKinsey & Company.

Schmitt provides support to various non-profit organizations including Ballet Memphis and Shelby Farms Park, is an author (co-authored with Arnold Perl) of “Simple Solutions”, and serves on both Xynteo leadership board as well as Ferguson plc’s Board of Directors.

Net Worth

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Schmitt’s wine portfolio encompasses the iconic Schmitt Sohne Rieslings from vineyards located throughout Mosel-Saar-Ruwer and Rheinhessen regions as well as estate-bottled Pinot Noir and RELAX; an innovative modern brand which forgoes traditional labeling in favor of eye-catching graphics.

Thomas N Schmitt serves as Chief People & Administrative Officer of Skyward Specialty Insurance Group Inc. He previously held positions with global logistics company DB Schenker as Management Board Member and Chief Commercial Officer, while at Purolator (Canada’s premier parcel and freight transportation provider).

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