Thomas Schwab

Thomas Schwab – Managing Director of Resolute Wealth Management, LLC

Tom brings 19 years of investment expertise in meeting both short- and long-term financial objectives of clients, including serving with two national investment firms before joining Resolute Wealth Management LLC.

Schwab announces ETF OneSource, offering investors and advisors access to an ever-expanding selection of commission-free ETFs. In addition, Schwab inaugurates its inaugural international service center in London.

Early Life and Education

As a teenager, Thomas Schwab faced financial insecurity within his family, leaving him without a stable living environment and often sleeping under bridges or grassy fields. Yet despite this he managed to hide his living situation while excelling academically – being able to catch up five grade’s worth of material quickly en route to becoming one of the top students in his class.

Now, Thomas Schwab uses his story to raise awareness for the rising number of homeless students attending Utah schools. His aim is to inspire others to examine student needs in their own communities and offer assistance – for instance by donating food or supplies directly to school pantries or speaking directly with students about homelessness.

Professional Career

Thomas Schwab began his professional career selling medical devices. Since then, he has led marketing teams in building brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing revenue using tech-based strategies and conversation-based tactics.

At Marist College he graduated with both a major in communications and minors in philosophy.

He holds a Certified Financial PlannerTM designation and serves as Managing Member of T.C. Schwab Financial Planning LLC, an hourly fee-only financial planning and registered investment advisory firm that specializes in income-oriented strategies for retirees and pre-retirees residing in Safety Harbor, FL and one additional location.

Achievement and Honors

Schwab has earned numerous honors for his commitment to journalistic excellence, including being awarded Marist College’s magna cum laude in 1999. Additionally, he has won multiple sports journalism and broadcasting awards throughout his career.

Schwab has played an instrumental role in producing three NCAA qualifiers and two All-Americans as well as team record 13 dual meet wins at UNI during his time there. Furthermore, his dedication and hard work drove ticket sales for UNI wrestling that helped the Panthers finish 10th nationwide for attendance numbers in 2014-15.

Thomas More University recently awarded its inaugural Impact Award, given annually to an outstanding non-faculty staff member (including directors) for outstanding contributions made to both their community and school. Employees nominated the nominee and then an awards committee selects a winner. Schwab was recognized with this prestigious recognition.

Personal Life

Thomas Schwab was raised in Saint George, Utah where his family battled financial instability and was often evicted from apartment complexes. Yet Thomas kept this information hidden at school where he earned some of the highest grades possible in his class.

Schwab graduated top of his class at Nuclear Field “A” School and soon joined the Navy, spending five years maintaining and operating submarine nuclear reactor control rods.

Schwab established his brokerage firm in 1971. Today, it handles approximately 6 million trades daily across 34 million client accounts worth an estimated total of $7.1 trillion and charges half of what full-service brokers do due to SEC deregulation of commission rates. Schwab also opens customer telephone service centers in Indianapolis and Asia Pacific.

Net Worth

Schwab is estimated to be worth in the millions. This estimate takes into account his company’s revenues and assets as well as his personal holdings such as his family home value.

1971: Schwab Corporation was formed in California as First Commander Corporation to conduct conventional broker-dealer securities business and publish Schwab Investment Indicator newsletter.

1982: Schwab becomes the first brokerage to offer 24-hour order entry and quote service, opening its inaugural international office in Hong Kong. Schwab also pioneers mutual fund market-places; their Mutual Fund MarketPlace currently houses 140 no-load funds.

Schwab expands its offerings with the launch of a bundled 401(k) product, PocketBroker wireless investing and Schwab AdvisorSource(tm). Client assets reached over $2 trillion at year’s end.

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