Thomas Senerchia

Thomas Senerchia

Thomas Senerchia hails from Pelham, New York and was an outstanding athlete during his high school years. Following graduation, he launched his own construction firm.

Senerchia applied for workers’ compensation benefits under FECA; however, OWCP denied his claim as he did not participate in the actual apprehend of any federal criminal as required by 5 U.S.C SS 8191.

Early Life and Education

Pelham Memorial High School graduate and Manhattan College undergraduate, he soon after entered the construction industry as a project manager before starting SCC Construction as his own contracting business. Additionally, he created and ran a youth football league in Pelham during which time he also assisted as coach for it in his free time.

Personal life: Anthony Senerchia Jr married his high school sweetheart and had a daughter. Additionally, he created the Anthony Senerchia Jr ALS Charitable Foundation which works to increase awareness for ALS disease while aiding families who are affected. It has raised a considerable sum despite not being as large as St Jude’s but remains impressive for a local foundation.

Professional Career

Senerchia hails from Pelham and was an accomplished athlete during high school and college. Following that he worked in construction before establishing a contracting business – in addition to this endeavor he also founded a youth football league there.

He sported a tattoo of Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil with the letter TAZ written across it on his upper left bicep, showing his affinity for both New York Mets and Knicks sports teams.

Senerchia initially applied for benefits under FECA but was denied by OWCP and appealed the decision, while continuing his work as city clerk. She is widely recognized for introducing computerization of the city’s land records system as well as her hardworking nature and humorous personality, according to Mayor Francis X. Flaherty who officially appointed her on Jan 8 1985.

Achievement and Honors

Senerchia rose to fame as a high school football standout before starting his own contracting business and founding the Anthony Senerchia Jr ALS Charitable Foundation with his wife Jeanette to raise awareness and provide assistance for families affected by ALS.

Senerchia retired from World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWE) wrestling as an in-ring performer in 2002 but returned as color commentator under the Taz ring name and also appeared in several WWE Network specials.

In 2023, his family established an annual awards event in his memory, rewarding students for their hard work while raising money and awareness about ALS research and awareness. Celebrities including Derek Jeter and former New York Yankee Don Mattingly attended.

Personal Life

Thomas was an incredible husband and father. His positive outlook and love of life made an impressionful statement about who he was as an individual – something which will live on through his children and grandchildren.

Senerchia submitted his claim under FECA in 1984. That statute provides compensation to state officers injured while engaged in “the apprehension or prevention of federal crimes”, per 5 U.S.C SS 8191. However, the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (“OWCP”) denied his application on grounds that surveillance activities he engaged in when injured were not relevant – an assessment the Office found false.

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Net Worth

Senerchia later made the transition into color commentary with WWE, where he also worked under his moniker Tazmaniac for International World Class Championship Wrestling and Century Wrestling Alliance events.

Senerchia established the Anthony Senerchia Jr ALS Charitable Foundation to raise awareness and assist families living with ALS. The national charity raises funds while offering support through its social media presence.

How much is Peter Senerchia Worth? Peter Senerchia currently boasts an estimated networth of $1.8 Million earned primarily through acting. Born 11 October 1967 and 55 years old – he is married and has one child (both son and daughter).

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