Thomas Shakeshaft

Thomas Shakeshaft

Shakeshaft assisted in seizing key evidence against El Chapo during an ordinary drug bust on Chicago’s west side. He and his colleagues watched El Chapo make deals with twin brothers.

These were informants for the prosecution, and agreed to meet in secret in Monterrey. Shakeshaft assured them and their families of immunity.

Early Life and Education

Tom was raised in Boulder, Colorado. He obtained both his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College and law degree from the University of Iowa. Tom began his legal career by clerking for Judge Lay in the Eighth Circuit before joining several prominent New York and Chicago firms such as McDermott Will & Emery.

Previous research conducted by Glyn Parry suggested that William Shakeshafte mentioned in Hoghton’s will was likely an individual from Lancashire with connections to Hoghton’s other servants listed and also to drama. This essay builds upon that work by providing additional corroborative details as well as suggesting new connections.

Margarito Flores Jr. recently signed a plea agreement negotiated by former Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Shakeshaft, and this has resulted in new developments regarding his case.

Professional Career

Shakeshaft felt it important to return to Iowa and dedicate more time to his family; consequently, he joined the Justice Department where he worked on numerous high-profile drug prosecutions.

Note: Thomas wrote his name without using a middle ‘e’ in this notebook; however, parish and family records, tapestries by his grand-daughter, tombstone inscriptions and work records from Middleton Estate all use this spelling convention.

Shakeshaft promised Pedro Flores when he began prosecuting cartel leaders in Chicago that his family would be safe from any violence, as was promised to them when Shakeshaft began prosecuting cartel leaders there. Shakeshaft kept this promise, and Flores testified against El Chapo on Tuesday; unfortunately he died shortly after as a victim of El Chapo’s violent regime; he was 55.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Shakeshaft received many honors and awards throughout his lifetime, in addition to making significant contributions to society that helped improve lives. Furthermore, he was very devoted to his alma mater and university.

Once they had taken the oath, they were then transported to Dunmow where they were paraded through town to great acclaim from crowds who enthusiastically cheered them along their journey. On returning to Wethersfield they had accrued PS50 more than when they set off.

The award is given to SEHD graduates whose actions reflect the importance of their educational training, pride in their alma mater, and commitment to its programs and the University. It seeks to recognize those individuals who have made notable contributions toward improving society, nation or world at large.

Personal Life

Twelve years ago, Tom Shakeshaft traveled to Monterrey, Mexico for an important meeting that ultimately resulted in the conviction of drug czar Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Though aware that such travel could be hazardous and risky, as lead prosecutor on this case it was his duty to attend.

Previous research suggested Thomas Shakeshaft may have links with Alexander Hoghton; this essay, using new evidence, revisits these claims. Furthermore, new information emerged regarding other servants on his list as well as possible connections among themselves or to drama. Join MyHeritage today and discover whether you are related to Thomas Shakeshaft!

Net Worth

Thomas Shakeshaft has an estimated net worth of more than $16 Million and lives in an exquisite home in Chicago with an impressive collection of cars and yachts.

He has two children and three grandchildren. Additionally, he is close with the family of actor Tom Hanks and has worked alongside him on numerous projects over time.

Shakeshaft served as an assistant federal attorney, overseeing investigations involving Chris Baines, the Flores twins – Chicago’s top drug dealers at the time, and Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera from Mexico – which took an emotional toll and resulted in substance use disorder that he struggled to overcome despite multiple rehab treatments; unfortunately it recurred several times.

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