Thomas Sherrer

Thomas Sherrer

Thomas Sherrer is an excellent professor at UCLA who cares deeply about his students and makes them feel involved in class discussions, without using excessive academic jargon that most tenured professors do at our university.

Mild-mannered and warm in personality, he exudes energy when getting things done. Always engaging his students through engaging slides, he provides instruction that’s easily understandable to his class.

Early Life and Education

Sherrer had lived and worked in Snow, Oklahoma for many years where he raised a family while working at his family’s combination service station/convenience store. Known for his pleasant personality and incredible stamina he was one of Snow’s longstanding residents.

Sherrer is an extremely engaging professor who takes great care in his teaching of material. His lectures were always captivating and even included some hilarious anecdotes! Readings included Washington Post articles and NYT pieces (in addition to voter psychology studies from UCLA). Assignments were fair: there was a midterm test, short written assignment (completed on paper), an infographic project and final exam that Sherrer graciously graded himself – making this class my favorite at UCLA and one I would strongly suggest anyone interested in political science! Overall this class was excellent and I recommend it highly to any political science enthusiast or political science major!

Professional Career

Thomas Sherrer has been co-owner and pharmacist in charge at Poole’s Pharmacy in Marietta, Georgia, for more than forty years and is actively engaged with pharmacy initiatives on local, state, and national levels. Additionally, Sherrer is known as an innovator when it comes to community service; having participated in many projects such as drug abuse prevention efforts, vaccine access initiatives and fundraising for local hospitals.

Sherrer was selected by her community as the 2021 Marietta Citizen of the Year, due to her outstanding and definable actions that have made Marietta an exceptional place to live. Sherrer has dedicated much of her life to raising a family, participating in First Presbyterian Church of Kingwood services, and playing golf with Onnie, her husband.

Professor Sherrer is an engaging professor who knows his subject well. His humor keeps his classes stimulating and engaging; whether through memorable campaign ads or Taylor Swift quotes.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Sherrer is a highly accomplished pharmacist with over 36 years of experience across all areas of pharmacy practice. He has participated in owning and developing fourteen community pharmacies across Georgia – retail practice, compounding, synchronized medication programs as well as long term care and assisted living services are just a few examples.

His career has earned him numerous awards and honors, in addition to serving on various business committees and boards and membership in civic organizations.

Sherrer enjoys reading and spending time with his family during his free time. He enjoys travel, music, movies and collecting books about history and politics – his collection boasts more than 300 volumes! Additionally, he has contributed articles to professional journals and magazines.

Personal Life

Sherrer has long been involved with the Georgia Pharmacy Association and various committees within it. Additionally, he serves on the boards of directors for CPESN Georgia and Mercer University School of Pharmacy Alumni Association – in addition to being a preceptor for both schools of pharmacy.

Poole’s Pharmacy in Marietta has long been run by Sherrey as part of his commitment to his community. During the pandemic, Sherrer worked tirelessly to make sure MCS teachers and staff received their vaccines. He called customers directly, worked around their schedules, counseled hesitance as needed, and devised a system which ensured no vaccine went unused.

Beloved father of two children and step-children as well as six grandchildren, Thomas R Mackin Post 20 and Elks Lodge membership are both hallmarks of his dedication.

Net Worth

Thomas is a pharmacist in Marietta who also does much community service through McKenna Farms. Amy and John chatted with Thomas about his pharmacy, his favorite parts of Marietta, his involvement with McKenna farms, his future plans with McKenna Farms, plus much more!

Sherrer was raised on a farm near Snow, Oklahoma and attended one-room school until eighth grade. Later he served in the Civilian Conservation Corps before going on to work at Camp Maxey. Married twice and father of four sons; survived by wife Patsy Sherrer of Bay City Texas as well as four daughters and their spouses: Carol Kelly (and Joe Kelly of Bay City Texas), Terry Gest (Terry and Fred Gest of Bay City), Mary Lou Sherrer, Frank Sherrer of Bay City Texas as well as Allen Lee Sherrer (both Bay City residents); 14 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildrearers all under Taylor Bros Funeral Home of Bay City Texas for arrangements.

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