Thomas Shoner

Thomas Shoner DG is an interior design firm serving restaurant, nightclub, retail, and corporate clients across the nation. They specialize in creating designs with efficiency and imagination in mind.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas Shoner was well known within the Percussive Arts Society community. As a member, he held various leadership roles within it – serving as president for one term from 1976-1976 and founding its Hall of Fame.

Thomas has over a decade of experience as an educator. At Agora Cyber Charter School, she served as family/teacher coach, working closely with students taking online full-time classes. Thomas was responsible for providing solutions to student issues as well as creating short and long-term academic goals for those she was coaching.

Studies have demonstrated a direct relationship between educational attainment and health outcomes – commonly referred to as the “educational gradient.” As such, individuals should carefully consider further education or training opportunities available as this could have long-term beneficial effects on their wellbeing.

Professional Career

Thomas Shoner has been practicing interior design professionally for over fifteen years. His company, Thomas Shoner DG, services restaurant, nightclub, retail, and corporate clients nationwide with original designs that combine efficiency with imagination. Thomas Shoner DG also offers additional services such as graphic design and idea consultation to meet their client’s needs.

Shoner has held several executive positions within the construction industry during his career. These firms include Glennis Anderson Design and Roth Design Group.

He has served on the boards of several companies. When not busy being on these boards, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. An avid sports fan who supports numerous charities; an active member of his church.

Achievement and Honors

He made significant contributions to music industry as an educator, band leader, author, and composer during his lifetime. A strong advocate for Percussive Arts Society for over three decades including two terms as president; serving on its board of directors for over thirty years while helping develop several endowments supporting scholarships and students he was instrumental in growing.

Muhlenberg College awarded him its Accomplished Alumnus Award, given to alumni who demonstrated an ongoing dedication to philanthropy and the university. He leaves behind family and friends who cherish his memory and will sadly miss him greatly.

Personal Life

Thomas Shoner was a resident of Mineral, Virginia where he is married with two children and an active member of the Republican Party, marching as part of Ulysses S Grant’s inaugural procession on 4 March 1869.

Robert is a certified QPR Suicide Gatekeeper and Instructor who is passionate about raising awareness of mental health and providing assistance. Additionally, he serves both his local parish and diocese through Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

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Net Worth

Thomas Shoner has achieved much in his life both professionally and personally, serving as an example to others who seek to make an impactful contribution to society. His philosophy for setting and reaching goals was impressive – setting ambitious targets, then exceeding those goals by going the extra mile in pursuit of them.

He has amassed an estimated net worth of over $100,000 through his professional wrestling career.

He has participated in multiple marches and won them, earning accolades such as “Year’s Winner” and earning respect from other famous wrestlers. Over the past two years he has also traded numerous units of Kontoor Brands Inc stock worth over $2,098,359; an average trade per year since 2020 exceeds 4,165 units.

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