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ProPublica Investigates Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

ProPublica investigates. A Supreme Court justice’s longstanding friendship with real estate tycoon Harlan Crow and their luxury travel arrangements have raised serious concerns over influence at the highest levels of judiciary. ProPublica investigates.

Thomas’ mother still resides at her former residence and, according to property records search, Crow’s company continued paying her annual property taxes until at least 2020.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in a middle-class family that valued hard work. Her family moved frequently as her father looked for steady employment, giving Thomas ample opportunity to explore various artistic techniques and styles.

Thomas attended Howard University and graduated as its inaugural fine arts graduate in 1924. Her early art focused on realism; however, after becoming encouraged by Howard professor James Herring to explore abstraction more fully. Herring also provided Thomas with access to a broad art library which she explored avidly.

She soon developed her signature style of depicting Washington’s landscape and flora through exuberant daubs of color, portraying its landscape and flora through vibrant brushstrokes. Two of her paintings, Resurrection and Sky Light were chosen for display at the White House in 2014. St. Thomas has advanced its mission through this Signature Experience by asking upper-class students to integrate and reflect upon their learning throughout their time at St. Thomas.

Professional Career

Thomas earned outstanding grades as an English major while also serving as leader of the Black Student Union and activist. He participated in anti-Vietnam War rallies, giving public speeches against it that received national coverage and garnered the interest of conservative intellectuals.

Thomas then joined Republican U.S. Senator John (“Jack”) Danforth’s staff in Jefferson City, Missouri where he developed an idiosyncratic conservatism combining libertarian and Black nationalist views that saw him oppose affirmative action and busing as methods for racial integration, placing him in conflict with national civil rights leaders as well as members of Ronald Reagan’s administration.

He is the sole owner of four companies specializing in waste removal, recycling and multi-family housing. Known for his leadership skills and strong business acumen.

Achievement and Honors

All those who complete their baccalaureate degree with honors receive an honorary certificate of excellence from their university. In order to do so, students must pass an Honors Oral Examination conducted by a committee composed of faculty experts in their area of major interest.

Justice Thomas was a frequent attendee at Horatio Alger Association events and assisted the organization in raising money for scholarships and other programming. His mentorship provided them access to wealthy donors he mentored directly.

Dona and Al Clay ensured long-term distinction with the largest leadership gift ever given in St. Thomas’ 118 year history: $10 Million was pledged towards its 4500Forever capital campaign ensuring generations of Eagles will benefit. Their generosity showed their belief in St. Thomas as an educational experience that allows students to tap their exceptional potential.

Personal Life

Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas, during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, of sexual harassment. She claimed he asked her out and described pornographic material. As part of her testimony she stated Thomas made her feel “uncomfortable and unsafe in the workplace”. Thomas strongly refuted these allegations by labelling them a “modern-day lynching”.

He married Kathy Ambush in 1971 and the pair had one son before divorcing four years later due to differing political ideologies and Thomas’ heavy drinking. Their volatile relationship was made even more tenuous by Thomas’ heavy drinking habit.

Thomas was known for writing conservative opinions during his Supreme Court career. While often joining Justice Scalia’s decisions, Thomas developed his own interpretation of originalism and rarely asked questions at oral arguments – which some saw as close-mindedness or disengagement from debates.

Net Worth

Thomas is a self-made millionaire who amassed his fortune through various entrepreneurial pursuits, from running nightclubs to starting his own coffee line. He possesses an uncanny ability to recognize opportunities and capitalize on them with gusto; additionally, Thomas has always been extremely active in supporting charitable organizations through donations over time.

Thomas Kinkade wasn’t known as an exceptionally skilled artist, yet his paintings became immensely popular. His brand reached people who might otherwise consider modern art too exclusive to appreciate. Furthermore, Thomas was adept at marketing himself; over time his prints maintained or increased their value resulting in him maintaining an impressive net worth.

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