Thomas Stang

Thomas Stang, Osteopathic Surgeon

Thomas Stang is an Osteopathic Surgeon from Lincoln Memorial University Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine and practices at Tampa and three other Florida locations specializing in Orthopedic Surgery.

He donned his Homburg hat and met with King Harald of Norway; fostered relations between Boeing and Braathens Airlines; and visited many bedsides to arrange repatriation of deceased Norwegian citizens.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Stang was brought up in an extremely religious family. Two of his aunties were nuns and priests respectively. He graduated with high honors from the University of Utah before going on to obtain a printing degree at Salina Area Technical College.

Following graduation, Maarud worked briefly for Union Co before setting up his own timber and forestry business, Maarud Bedrifter. Over time he also expanded his scope to offer bottles water, jerky, cheese and other dairy products.

Tom traveled to Rome in order to witness the three-week Amazon Synod come to a close in St. Peter’s Square on Oct. 27. His goal was to honor Dorothy, an alumna of Notre Dame de Namur who worked tirelessly as an activist in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest until she was fatally shot by hired gunmen in 2005.

Professional Career

As an agent for both cultures, he successfully balances consular inquiries from Americans wanting to immigrate or do business in Norway with Norwegians needing help navigating Seattle bureaucracy or searching for relatives — while simultaneously selling airline tickets to Oslo and setting up wills and estates. His bilingualism makes navigating complex issues such as title transfers for jets sold to SAS or Braathens Airlines less of a headache than could otherwise be expected.

Stang has assisted San Jacinto College’s Center for Petrochemical, Energy and Technology with managing an innovative industrial training facility that will open this fall. Furthermore, he has served on the Savage Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter for more than two decades, with another 10 expected before retirement – crediting this longevity to lessons from his older siblings, who also served on this force.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Stang serves as Seattle’s Honorary Norwegian Consul, carrying on a family tradition dating back over one century. Wearing his Homburg hat to greet Norway’s King Olav V, forging connections between Boeing and Braathens and issuing visas in abundance, Tom is making Seattle proud!

Stang has focused in Our Divine Double on texts considered outside the mainstream of institutionally orthodox Christianity (apocryphal texts about Apostle Thomas, Manichaeism, Neoplatonic philosophy etc). Gaps between sources and Stang’s narrative provide evidence of ways they were recoded into his grand narrative.

At Wisconsin and Florida Atlantic Universities, he worked as an Athletic Academic Counselor where he provided academic support to football, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, men’s and women’s cross country and women’s track student-athletes.

Personal Life

Thomas Stang lives in Ellsworth with his wife Ruann. He retired as printing manager for the Ellsworth Reporter and completed training as a Certified Nursing Aide through Barton Community College. Additionally, Thomas served as an ordained priest of Mother Earth Church.

He is the brother of Dorothy Stang, an American nun killed in 2005 in Brazil for standing against greedy landowners and working to improve farming conditions locally. Dorothy’s death devastated both her family and community alike.

As Seattle’s honorary consul for Norway, Stang juggles requests from Americans seeking to immigrate or establish business interests here and in Oslo. He has donned a Homburg hat and gloves to greet Norwegian royalty, worked to connect Boeing and Braathens companies and issued more visas than he can count.

Net Worth

Nasal became widely recognized for providing his voice as Top Cat on TV show Top Cat and later working alongside Henry Morgan on his comedy program. He currently boasts an estimated net worth of $17 Million.

He used his background in law and familiarity with Norwegian and English culture to facilitate Boeing’s sale of aircraft to Braathens Airlines. Being fluent in both languages as well as knowing who needed to be approached and which paperwork needed to be submitted were all critical in aiding Braathens’ acquisition process.

His Fox-body Mustang is powered by a Ford 302 small block fitted with a Total Engine Airflow-prepared 225 CNC TFS high-port head, Comp Cams solid roller camshaft, Vortech XI sideslinger supercharger and UPR front and rear suspension setup consisting of Strange struts with Afco rear shocks mounted to Hoosier Drag Radials.

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