Thomas Stowers

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Stowers’ bill sheds much-needed light on the essential and often undervalued role that picture restorers played during the early nineteenth century.

Early Life and Education

Stowers graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and minor in finance. Following her graduation, she worked in the mortgage department of a local bank before opening her own real estate brokerage firm.

She later returned to school and earned a master’s in education with an emphasis on adult and higher education, then set out on her career of teaching.

In 1994, she and her husband established the Stowers Institute with their fortune from American Century, dedicating it to medical research that would “significantly contribute to humanity through medical research” as well as improve quality of life by finding cures for diseases including cancer. According to their website.

Stowers was wounded during his tour of duty and died on Cote 188 at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial east of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon; there he was interred alongside 133 of his comrades.

Professional Career

Creative Controls Inc is an award-winning mobility technology provider dedicated to making life easier for people living with disabilities. His dedication to improving lives through innovative innovations has earned him respect from within his industry and made him one of the most admired names.

Sharon has long been an enthusiastic supporter of Harford Community College and loves acting as liaison between it and community leaders. With an interdisciplinary background as both an anthropologist and registered dietician, Sharon specializes in nutrition and health matters.

She takes great pride in knowing that the research she is part of has provided hope to so many families and people worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

The Thomas Stowers Institute stands as an impressive example of how private funds can enable world-class research. Over its history, this organization has helped create lifesaving drugs like Herceptin used to treat breast cancer; additionally, plans exist to broaden its focus beyond medicine to enhance lives across America.

Stowers was a poor, semi-literate Southern farm boy who joined the Army. After heroically dying on the battlefield he is buried along with his 133 comrades at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial east of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon; posthumously awarded with the Medal of Honor and numerous places have been named after him, such as Corporal Freddie Stowers Elementary School at Fort Benning Georgia and Congressional Medal of Honor Single Soldier Billeting Complex Fort Jackson South Carolina.

Personal Life

Thomas Stowers was killed during World War I and posthumously received both the Medal of Honor and Purple Heart awards, his name also being inscribed onto France’s Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial.

He was an impoverished, semi-literate farm boy from southern Alabama who made the ultimate sacrifice for his nation, yet only decades afterward was his heroism widely acknowledged. Both Fort Benning’s Freddie Stowers Elementary School and Camp Jackson’s Corporal Freddie Stowers Single Soldier Billeting Complex bear his name to commemorate him.

His wife Virginia is an ardent philanthropist dedicated to giving away most of her fortune from American Century Investments to charity. Together they co-founded the Stowers Institute for Medical Research with this money.

Net Worth

He donated over $2 billion during his life to medical research, with this money used to combat diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, his funds helped build and improve healthcare facilities within the US.

As co-chairman of American Century Investments, Stowers has seen its assets increase from three mutual funds to nearly $105 billion today. Additionally, he has had an enormous effect on Kansas City’s biomedical community by funding the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

He enjoys sports, particularly following his favorite teams – Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. Additionally, he loves golfing with friends and playing poker.

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