Thomas Strasser

Thomas Strasser is a scholar specializing in Ancient art, archaeology and history. His current projects involve reconstructing miniature frescoes as well as field work on Crete. Thomas is also active within international IEC and IEEE standardization working groups and actively involved with several activities related to IES (AdCom Member at Large 2018-2020), SMCS and PES societies as well as Austria Section.

Early Life and Education

Strasser studied viola at both Kansas City Conservatory and Catholic University of Washington D.C. He has performed at numerous festivals such as Wintergreen (VA), Colorado Music Festival in Boulder and Madeline Island Music Camp as an artist-in-residence as well as playing chamber music with Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.

He is an IEEE Senior Member and actively engaged with IES, SMCS, PES societies as well as IEEE Austria Section. Additionally he acts as an evaluator of research proposals and projects for various national and international funding agencies.

He is also an accomplished author, having contributed numerous books such as: Geology of Akrotiri’s Fresco from Aegaeum 37 by G. Touchais and R. Laffineur (eds), Liege and Austin: University de Liege Program in Aegean Prehistory and Scripts

Professional Career

Strasser spent much of his career at the World Health Organization working on programs relating to rheumatic fever and arterial hypertension, and helping pioneer the concept of “primordial prevention”, or targeting high risk populations with public health measures in order to prevent diseases like rheumatic fever and coronary heart disease.

Strasser was known for being generous throughout his life and was well-recognized for his generosity, including giving land and scholarships for students from low-income families. Additionally, he frequently spoke at civic and professional events as a popular public speaker.

Today, Strasser farms on his family’s land in Kalona while volunteering with the Iowa Soybean Association. A firm believer of “a rising tide lifts all boats”, he hopes his work with this organization can continue helping others in need.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Strasser earned both his master’s and PhD degrees from Technische Universitat Wien, earning both in 2017. At this same university, Thomas received the venia docendi award in automation research. Since 2014 he has served as senior scientist for Energy at Austrian Institute of Technology where he oversees multiple national and international research projects.

He was one of the pioneers of primary prevention – an approach to stopping diseases like rheumatic fever and arterial hypertension before they surface. Additionally, he published extensively with notable works addressing epidemiology and prevention for both diseases.

Established by Shannon Schieber’s family to honor both of her parents, this award recognizes rising seniors whose character and actions demonstrate Mount St. Mary’s mission of advancing social justice according to Catholic Social Teaching.

Personal Life

Tom Strasser was an academic, scientist, and businessman. He founded an optical communications design company as well as serving on international IEC and IEEE standardization working groups.

His denunciations of Nazi statism infuriated Hitler, leading him to remove him from party positions in 1934 and flee to Canada where he lived under an assumed name.

He had an intense passion for music and taught violin and viola to many aspiring young students, playing violin at musical festivals across the US. Additionally, he enjoyed chess as a sport as well as drinking coffee and smoking cigars while traveling and visiting family. On June 4, 2022 surrounded by family and friends he peacefully passed away.

Net Worth

He was born in Milwaukie, Oregon and passed away at 46. As an American and Christian by nationality and faith background respectively, he is best remembered as a business executive at Nike.

Strasser is widely credited with turning Nike into an irreverent force in the footwear industry. His crowning achievement was linking it with Michael Jordan – the flamboyant basketball superstar responsible for creating Nike Air shoes which continue to generate sales.

Strasser earned a net worth of $10 Million during his time with Nike and is believed to have received an undisclosed annual salary. Since 2007 he has also served as manager of Luxembourg football club CS Fola Esch as well as having previously played for French Ligue 1 team FC Metz and German Bundesliga side 1. FC Kaiserslautern.

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