Thomas Strom

Thomas Strom – A Lifelong Model Airplane Enthusiast

Tom Strom was an experienced radio control model airplane competitor who excelled at combat, racing and aerobatics competitions as well as pylon racing.

He leaves behind his wife, sons, sisters, aunts and cousins across the United States. An avid animal lover who loved snowboarding, hiking and fishing for recreation.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Strom was born in 1948 and raised with his younger sister and mother in a small town near Savannah, Georgia. His grandfather, an acclaimed businessman, instilled him with strong values such as self-reliance and discipline from an early age. Thomas struggled for admission into a boarding school seminary he desired before abandoning this hope after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

Pitzer College has become known as a place where students “can take on the world.” Strom believes it’s essential that young people have their voices heard when shaping their future, even if it means challenging his and other administrations’ ideas and plans.

Since series 12, the programme has featured a head writer who performs similar functions to that of a script editor. Andrew Brenner initially held this role before departing during production of series 23 – eventually being succeeded by David Stoten.

Professional Career

Over his professional life, Strom has held positions in both public and private sectors; additionally he served as an adjunct professor.

Mr. Desch is an accomplished author with multiple published plays such as The Prophet, Cleansed, Southern Promises and Dawn published. His works have been shown at both Flea Theater and Performance Space 122 for auction or sale.

In 1998, he and his wife relocated to Tucson where he continues his research at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory and has created websites for indigenous artists and non-profit organizations in Tucson.

He is an active model airplane competitor, competing in combat, racing and aerobatics competitions and winning awards in each category. Additionally, his hobbies include painting in various mediums, tattooing and riding motorcycles – something which he has done across 12 states, 1 province and the District of Columbia!

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Strom was an accomplished model airplane pilot, competing in combat, racing and aerobatics events. A gentleman both on and off the field, Thomas also provided generous assistance to others during competitions. A member of Our Lady of the Ozarks Catholic Church in Forsyth Missouri.

At the 2014 American Chemical Society national meeting in Dallas, he co-organized a symposium on physical organic chemistry with Jeffrey Seeman of University of Richmond. Additionally, he is a Fellow of ACS and past Chair of their Division of History of Chemistry.

In 2023, he was honored with a tribute in Marquis Who’s Who publication, reflecting his lifetime achievements and honors throughout his professional life.

Personal Life

Tom Strom’s personal life included hunting and fishing as well as model airplane flying. He belonged to Sanderson Field RC Flyers in Shelton, WA where he practiced precision aerobatics as well as radio control pylon racing.

He was recognized with the Wareham Man of the Year nomination and honor in 2012. While summer may be his busiest season at his Kool Kone restaurant, he works tirelessly year-round to give back to the community.

He is survived by his wife Charlotte, sons, daughter, grandchildren Sven Dickinson (Xiao Dan Xue), Karin Dickinson, Thor Dickinson; as well as great granddaughter Nohea’mani Charlotte Norman-Dickinson. In 2010 his mother passed away. Additionally he has one stepdaughter.

Net Worth

Calculating net worth requires taking into account all of a person’s wealth – hard assets like stocks and bonds as well as real estate as well as debts – plus any liabilities they have. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to accurately ascertain someone’s total holdings due to them not disclosing all holdings.

Strom serves as the College’s Chief Academic Officer and oversees all instructional activities, such as academic planning, budgeting, credit and noncredit curriculum development, student assessment, instruction schedule building, faculty training & evaluation and library services, University Center administration as well as relationships with K-12 partners & peer institutions.

According to SEC Form 4 filings, Jeffrey Robert Strom has conducted three insider trades of Boise Cascade Co over the past five years with an average transaction cost of approximately $366,000 per trade. Most recently he sold 2,054 shares for $223,373. Jeffrey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

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