Thomas Stubblefield

Thomas Stubblefield is an associate professor of art history at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and author of 9/11 and the Visual Culture of Disaster which won a NEPCA Rollins Book Award.

He developed legislation that assisted in solving the subsidence crisis and encouraged investment in areas devastated by coal mining, while simultaneously championing environmental concerns.

Early Life and Education

Stubblefield was born in Calloway County, Kentucky in 1860 to a governess. Although his formal education was minimal, he achieved great self-education to attain vast amounts of knowledge through self-teaching. As part of this effort he innovated several scientific improvements on existing devices including telephone and lamp lighter.

At one of his public demonstrations in 1902, he transmitted voice transmission over one mile – which generated some interest but by the time continuous-wave arc and alternator radio transmitters became widely available, his invention had become obsolete.

Stubblefield served as recruiting coordinator at New Mexico State for four seasons. He helped bring in three national Top-100 recruits and a McDonald’s All-American to the team as well as first team high school and junior college all-state players from six states. Additionally, he played guard for two seasons at University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Professional Career

Stubblefield was honored to receive two first-team All-Missouri Valley Football Conference selections and second-team All-American nods during his playing career, setting school records for receptions and receiving yards per season, while also becoming a Biletnikoff Award finalist.

As soon as he joined DePaul coaching staff in 2021, he quickly established himself as one of the premier recruiters. Under his guidance, DePaul enjoyed its inaugural season with 15 wins including victories over Georgetown, St John’s, and Marquette.

Stubblefield guided an exceptional group of wide receivers during the 2021-22 season, led by Jahan Dotson who set multiple school records while being nominated as both a Biletnikoff Award and Walter Camp Player of the Year semi-finalist. Dotson became Penn State’s first three-touchdown scorer since DaeSean Hamilton did in 2017. Additionally, true freshmen KeAndre Lambert-Smith and Washington each achieved more than 70 yards receiving in their debut games under Stubblefield’s tutelage.

Achievement and Honors

Nathan Beverly Stubblefield of Calloway County made headlines in late 19th-century America for inventing wireless communication – but his work went largely unnoticed until Murray State commemorated it through a historical marker on campus.

In his inaugural year as wide receivers coach and offensive recruiting coordinator, Stubblefield led Jahan Dotson to Biletnikoff and Walter Camp Player of the Year honors as well as developing All-America wideout Parker Washington and Cody Wilson into All-Big Ten performers who set school receiving records.

Stubblefield boasts extensive coaching experience at New Mexico State, Cincinnati, UT-Arlington and Nebraska-Omaha – his alma mater. Stubblefield recruited three national Top-100 rated players as well as many McDonald’s All-Americans and first team all region junior college players from six states.

Personal Life

Tom navigated life with an exuberance and charm that belied his years. His cheeky disposition often brought out laughs as he shared amusing, self-deprecating stories from his past life that provided insight into himself and others’.

Tom was an ardent family man, deeply dedicated to Marcella and their children. Additionally, he was an enthusiastic educator with a great desire for helping young people – serving on numerous school boards, peer review committees and charitable organizations.

He authored numerous books, such as 9/11 and the Visual Culture of Disaster and Media Fields: Art, Technology and Accelerationist Aesthetics. Additionally, his research has been featured in multiple journals and magazines; his achievements being recognized through multiple awards and fellowships.

Net Worth

Thomas Stubbefield reportedly has an estimated net worth of $34 Million. He resides in Richard City, Tennessee along with his wife and children.

Stubblefield amassed his fortune through his groundbreaking wireless voice transmission technology, which allowed speech to travel over distances up to a mile. In 1902 he demonstrated this invention before an audience in Murray, Kentucky.

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