Thurston Adams

Thurston Adams

Thurston Adams is President and CEO of Heri Automotive, an industry leader in CV Axle products. As an industry pioneer he has participated in multiple educational programs and publications.

He is on the editorial committee for The New Grove Dictionary of Music and has written five chapters on John Bull. Additionally, he owns musical instruments as well as a library.

Early Life and Education

He saved $1500 to pay for college, but instead decided to purchase 40 acres of land instead and log, raise cattle on, develop, log again, then sell for a profit – this was the beginning of his passion for real estate development and investment.

He was both an accomplished linguist and diligent diarist. Born to President Truman, his career paralleled that of his father.

Adams was also an entrepreneur, founding Belair Supply Co. in Baltimore – an initially brick and masonry product distributor that eventually expanded to pavers, hardscaping products, industrial tools and fittings – later expanding as well. Adams loved spending time with his children and grandchildren and enjoyed taking European cruises as well as racing cars in Florida.

Professional Career

Thurston Adams is an influential figure in the real estate industry. As an accomplished broker at family-owned Virgil Adams Real Estate and known in the local community as an exceptional salesperson. With extensive experience in commercial and residential property acquisition and sales transactions as well as construction management and land development projects.

He is also a widely recognized television personality, having competed on the 23rd season of The Bachelor with co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe and in various other shows such as CW’s Bachelor in Paradise.

He is known to wear formal shoes and advise others on keeping fit by participating in exercise regularly. In 1976 he met Liberace through his romance with dancer Bob Street.

Achievement and Honors

Jean Thurston was an exceptional teacher, mentor, and researcher who contributed greatly to science. She will be greatly missed by her family, friends, and colleagues.

Thurston may not be tallest member of his club, but he stands out due to his impressive throwing arm and dance-inspired footwork – earning two Athletic Director Honor Roll spots this season.

He earned RMAC Pitcher of the Week honors after allowing only two runs in seven innings against UTSA… In his senior year, he was one of only two Hilltoppers starters to appear in all 14 weekend games; starting 13 of them.

This award, named in memory of Dr. O. T. Walter (chairman of the biology department from 1929-1966), recognizes a senior chemistry major who exhibits outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership ability. Recipients will receive both a certificate as well as student associate membership to the American Institute of Chemists.

Personal Life

He attracted postgraduate students of exceptional calibre from all over the world and taught them with clarity and criticism. Musical sources dominated his thinking, yet he also prioritized printing research and diplomatic processes as important subjects of study.

Bill and Tammy Thurston have raised him alongside his sister Stephanie (also a Trinidad State baseball player). With a 3.4 weighted high school GPA and plans to study wildlife biology as his major, Thurston plans to earn his undergraduate degree soon.

He is driven by an intense passion for business, which has propelled him to great success throughout his career. Currently he serves as President and CEO of Heri Automotive – a CV Axle manufacturer – as well as serving on the YANG Mentorship committee which helps develop young professionals in auto care industry.

Net Worth

Many viewers of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are curious to know how much their leads make after going on to live glamorous social media lives, change careers and become influential figures.

Adams used to work as a phlebotomist, drawing blood for medical tests, transfusions, and research purposes. But in 2019, she decided to change careers altogether.

Now she hosts two shows per day for Nashville’s premier radio station while also working as an interior designer and applying for a payment protection loan – an innovative type of financing designed to assist businesses during difficult periods – for her business, Tayshia Adams Media LLC. Since 2016, she has made over two trades; with one trade netting her over $796,496 worth of Under Armour Inc stock worth $796,496 on 25 April 2016. That sale provided her with an estimated net worth of around $1,877,000.

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