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Steven Tickle – The Man Behind Moonshine

Backwoods ingenuity helps the moonshiner community avoid legal scrutiny. Josh and Bill must make difficult choices. Tickle attempts to maintain his old territory.

Shiners gather at a remote cabin to launch the new season. Tickle introduces Sugarlands Shine, an exquisite 70 proof cinnamon moonshine.

Early Life and Education

After graduating high school, Steven Ray Tickle began working as a carpenter; however, his true passion was making moonshine. So at 25 he established an illegal still in Franklin County Virginia with his crew producing and selling their product at local bars.

He first gained public notoriety when he appeared on Discovery’s reality series Moonshiners in 2012. This show follows illegal bootleggers operating illegal stills in the Appalachian Mountains.

Tickle and his crew must navigate both legal and rival pressures while operating a still. Their show has attracted a loyal following, yet its cast has regularly found themselves in hot water over their antics – sometimes leading to life-threatening injuries or jail sentences.

Professional Career

Steven Tickle is an award-winning carpenter who takes great pride in creating exquisite designs for his clients. Additionally, he runs a restaurant in Washington. In 2015 he made headlines when featured on Moonshiners where he earned a healthy payday. Recently, Tickle expressed interest in running for Congress or even national office.

As a popular reality star on various Discovery-helmed shows, Tickle has amassed a significant net worth. A multifaceted individual who can cook, carpentry and run his own distillery; currently Tickle serves as the brand ambassador for Sugarlands Distilling Company’s Legends Series as well as offering Cinnamon Dynamite moonshine to customers in Gatlinburg – working closely alongside fellow moonshiner Mark Rogers who makes products legal to sell in Tennessee.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Ray Tickle is a skilled moonshiner who has established a successful moonshining operation through his appearance on the reality series “Moonshiners.” A fan-favorite, Steven has opened up about his struggles with alcoholism while using this platform on TV to raise awareness on this subject matter.

Tickle’s extraordinary skill at distilling moonshine has cemented him a place in moonshine history and inspired a whole new generation to start making their own moonshine.

Tickle also pursues his love of music through singing performances, often celebrating Appalachia’s rich cultural heritage and building and maintaining stills.

Personal Life

Steven Ray Tickle is a well-known moonshiner best known for his appearances on Discovery reality TV show Moonshiners and its spin-offs; among these was Smoke Ring and Tickle.

Tickle discovers an enormous stash of illegal moonshine, but must find a way to sell it without alerting law enforcement or its rightful owner. A consultation with local legend Grandpa Bill may prove valuable but will come at an expense.

Tickle is an experienced carpenter and moonshine producer who has made an excellent name for himself over time. Through his work on various Discovery shows, his net worth has skyrocketed while also building up an extensive family life (he is married and has one daughter) as he also doubles up as an expert mechanic.

Net Worth

Steven Ray Tickle is an established television personality with a substantial net worth. Known for his roles on Discovery channel’s Moonshiners docudrama and its spin-off show Tickle, Steven also earns income through carpentry work and has amassed significant assets through investments.

According to The Washington Examiner, in the past he considered running for Congress. Although his political ambitions didn’t materialize, he continues to make a substantial income through his show and moonshine business.

His personal life remains somewhat of an enigma; he does not discuss his relationship or children openly on social media, though sources claim he may be married to Carol Ann from Bail Bonds Services who lives in Gretna Virginia with her 17 year old daughter Daisy. The couple currently resides together.

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