Tiles in natural stone look score with sustainable naturalness and a trendy look

The last year has brought numerous changes to our dynamic everyday life. Now you stay at home more and more often and want to have cozy cosiness and a lot of living comfort in your four walls. In line with this desire of many people, the trend towards more naturalness in the interior has also been decidedly established. That is why natural materials now have the highest priority in interiors and they are often used from floor to ceiling. In this context, today we want to give you interesting tips for a particularly valuable floor covering. In the following we show you stylish tiles with a natural stone look. You can find out below how these combine the trend towards sustainable naturalness and a modern look and what advantages arise from this. Stay tuned if you are interested in innovative, high quality flooring. Whether for your own home or for your office, restaurant or a public space.

You always make the right choice with tiles with a natural stone look!

Fliesen in Natursteinoptik helle glasierte Bodenfliesen im Wohnzimmer sehr stilvolles Interieur

Tiles with a natural stone look are classic and innovative at the same time

The tiles in natural stone look are currently enjoying particular popularity. On the one hand, they remind us of millennia-old traditions when the floors in houses, palaces and public buildings were laid with marble and granite. They also score with their natural look and bring a cozy feeling of living into any ambience. Tiles made of porcelain stoneware with a natural stone look are particularly popular. Their popularity is based on the symbiosis of their classic and completely natural look, unique sustainability and modern innovations in the manufacturing process. They are fired from clay at high temperatures and belong to the classic ceramic tiles. However, these floor tiles are characterized by new properties that reinforce their presence in the interior.

In the kitchen, too, you have great design freedom with high-quality porcelain stoneware tiles.

Fliesen in Natursteinoptik große Gestaltungsfreiheit in der Küche großformatige Bodenfliesen in Grau dominieren

First of all, tiles made of porcelain stoneware with a natural stone look are aesthetically pleasing, especially because they imitate natural stone. If you are in doubt, these floor tiles could create a cold look in your interior, then you are wrong! But on the contrary! They radiate natural warmth and cosiness. In addition, they fit perfectly into any modern furnishing style. This makes them versatile, so that you can use porcelain stoneware tiles with a natural stone look both indoors and outdoors. You have to decide for yourself whether you will lay them in the living room or in the hallway, in the dining room or in the home office. The natural stone look tiles made of porcelain stoneware cut a fine figure everywhere. And what do you think about an open terrace laid with tiles like this?

Natural stone-look tiles made of porcelain stoneware can also be used outside.

Fliesen in Natursteinoptik in Blau und Grau verschiedene Muster auch für Einsatz im Außenbereich geeignet

The special properties of porcelain stoneware floor tiles with a natural stone look don’t stop there. Porcelain stoneware tiles are, in principle, more resistant and hard-wearing than other flooring options. They have a long lifespan and can be described as absolutely sustainable. They are also extremely easy to care for. Stains of various kinds are easily removed so that dust and dirt have nothing to do with them. You can’t even see scratches here, regardless of whether the tiles are polished or not. They are water-repellent and suitable for the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. And something else important: with floor tiles made of porcelain stoneware you create an appealing living environment, also suitable for allergy sufferers. Microbes, mites and any microorganisms have no chance of survival here!

Extra tip: However, you have to accept that these tiles have a higher price and should only be installed by a professional.

Porcelain stoneware tiles with a natural stone look are robust but durable.

Fliesen in Natursteinoptik robust aber ewig haltbar in Grau geräumiges Wohnzimmer Kaminwand erstklassiges Interieur

Which trends are noticeable in tiles with a natural look?

  • You will definitely be surprised which one Variety of designs in the case of tiles with a natural look. Thanks to innovative manufacturing processes, which we have already indicated, the tiles can be designed in numerous designs, patterns and in completely natural colors. The most popular colors, for example, range from cream white and beige to light brown and gray to anthracite and dark brown. The colors sand and taupe are also in demand. In short, there is something suitable for the highest demands.
  • Nature also serves as a model for the production of floor tiles. So here is natural aesthetics capitalized. Porcelain stoneware tiles with a natural stone look perfectly imitate sandstone, slate and other types of stone. Even their feel and structure are so natural that they leave nothing to be desired.

A dream bathroom for everyone who likes high aesthetics in their own home.

Fliesen in Natursteinoptik Traumbadezimmer in Sand Farbe hohe Ästhetik im Bad

  • Small tiles are ok! now are large-format floor tiles asked! This trend can also be clearly seen in natural-look porcelain stoneware tiles. The larger the tiles, the more natural they look. The visual effect is enormous when you have large-format natural-look tiles in your own home!

Conclusion: As you can see, natural-look porcelain stoneware tiles are much, much more than just utility ceramics. They score with their natural and highly aesthetic look and bring every interior to a high level of design. They are extremely easy to care for and are sustainable. If you opt for such tiles with a natural look, you will definitely never regret your purchase decision!

With the wide selection of patterns and colors of the floor tiles in natural stone look, everyone can be a little overwhelmed.

Fliesen in Natursteinoptik im Wohnzimmer geräumiges Ambiente reiche Auswahl an Farben und Mustern sehr stilvolle Raumgestaltung

You can find suitable tiles with a natural stone look for every room, style and taste.

Fliesen in Natursteinoptik in Anthrazit im Esszimmer verlegt für visuellen Kontrast sorgen helle Möbel

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