Tinger amphibious vehicle: caterpillar animal

The Tinger Track S500 amphibious vehicle is on November 5, 2015 Tinger amphibious vehicle: an all-terrain professional at a retail price of 15,900 eurospresented at the ADAC in Embsen by the German Lada importer ‘Lada Automobile’. Andrey Kosarev went to the muddy off-road course in loafers, trousers and a shirt to show what the Russian Tinger can do. The Tinger is produced by Tinger Rus, a Russian company founded by Andrey Kosarev in 2008. Since then, amphibious ATVs with engines from 35 to 68 hp have been developed and produced here. Tiger Rus is now the Russian market leader for ATVs. Lada Automobile is now introducing the Tinger Track S500 amphibious vehicle to the markets in Germany and Austria. It is not (yet) street legal, the standard equipment does not include indicators or seat belts, and the Tinger is operated by a caterpillar.

Tinger amphibious vehicle: through any terrain in any weather

The Tinger Track S500 amphibious vehicle is in technical Tinger amphibious vehicle: masters desert conditions as well as Russian coldConsider a combination of ATV, snow and bog mobile as well as tractor and boat. The petrol engine complies with the Euro 4 emission standards and should be ready to start in any weather: from minus 40 degrees Celsius in Russia to plus 40 degrees in the desert.
The Tinger amphibious vehicle has a simple design: the metal frame is encased in a robust plastic body. There are two forward gears and one reverse gear, and the mobile is steered like a two-wheeler with handlebars. Accelerate with the right hand grip – like on a motorcycle.
From the point of view of the importer, the area of ​​application seems very extensive. The target group for the Tinger Track S500 amphibious vehicle is found in the areas of agriculture and forestry, hunting and fishing as well as among municipal services and property management, and last but not least the Tinger is also interesting for hobby and leisure users. “The fire brigade and emergency services are also interested,” confirms Max Schmidt, who is responsible for Tinger sales at Lada Automobile. “Another logical step would be to approach the Bundeswehr and the mountain rescue service,” says Max.

Technical details

The Tinger Track S500 amphibious vehicle is equipped with caterpillar propulsion. It is powered by a four-cylinder Chery engine with 1,100 cc and 68 hp; Alternatively, the Tinger is also available with the 800 cc three-cylinder from Chery, Tinger amphibious vehicle: propulsion is provided by either an 800 cc three-cylinder (57 hp) or a 1100 cc four-cylinder (68 hp) from Cherythat delivers 57 hp. The armored crawler tracks developed by Tinger Rus with a width of 500 millimeters also ensure propulsion in snow, mud, water and off-road. They are made of wear-resistant, seamless composite material Tinger amphibious vehicle: fish or bridge deep water barriersmanufactured and suitable to drive on any surface.
When fully equipped with a front bar and cable winch, the Tinger Track is 3,200 millimeters long; the width is 2,000 millimeters; 1,260 millimeters correspond to the height; With a tarpaulin, the Tinger Track amphibious vehicle is 1,940 millimeters high.
At 950 kg, the Tinger is not a lightweight in a class comparison; a comparable Argo weighs – depending on equipment – 400 to 750 kilograms. The amphibious vehicle can be loaded with 500 kilos, the towing capacity is 800 kilos. Five people can sit on land, four on water.

Approval, availability and price

tingersWork is currently in progress to obtain road approval for this caterpillar version. The basic equipment of the Tinger Track S500 amphibious vehicle has a retail price of 15,900 and is sold through the Lada dealer network in Germany. The price for Austria has not yet been determined. A wheeled version called ‘Tinger Armor’ is also scheduled to be introduced in spring of next year 2016. Prices are not yet known.
Tinger has a wide range of accessories that can also be obtained from Lada. This includes, for example, a cabin fabric, seat belts, a tarpaulin, a cabin frame, a cable winch and additional headlights. Lada will take over the service. chk

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