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Tinker with chestnuts – great ideas and lots of fun

Autumn is here and we are all happy about the falling colorful leaves that we admire as a colorful carpet in parks, in the forest or in our own garden. In some places you can also find and collect chestnuts. Yes, autumn is not only the season for pumpkins, but also for chestnuts. There are numerous decorative ideas with pumpkins and we have also shown you what you can do with them to really showcase them. These are large or small, come in a variety of shapes, and can even be boiled and baked. It doesn’t look so versatile with chestnuts, but there are enough delightful ideas for tinkering with chestnuts. Here you can put your creativity into play and create something unique. Today we are giving you creative tips on what you can do with it and bring an autumn note into your own home.

This little autumn wreath is a real masterpiece!

Mit Kastanien basteln einen Herbstkranz

Let’s make it easy. Whenever you take a walk in the park or hike in the nearby forest, you can collect chestnuts, but also colorful autumn leaves, rose hips, acorns and pine cones, which you can use for your DIY projects at home. In this way, you prepare various natural materials from which you can tinker a lot. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity. But it would be best if you and your children make something great for your autumn decorations at home and teach the little ones some skill. You will be particularly happy about our ideas for tinkering with chestnuts today.

A table decoration with the gifts of nature is always eye-catching!

Kastanien basteln Tischdekoration mit Gaben der Natur eyecatching

  • Do handicrafts with chestnuts and create funny figures

The craft ideas with chestnuts definitely contain such tips for funny figures that you can create with your children. First and foremost, we mean to create a chestnut man that you can make part of the autumn decoration in your own home. The following video will give you detailed instructions on how to do that:

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to make a chestnut man. The same goes for the other figures, for example you could make caterpillars out of chestnuts, various small animals that look very amusing. Your children can join in and have fun too. You can always learn something new and have a lot of fun with handicrafts.

These two chestnut men can do well for anyone.

Mit Kastanien basteln zwei Kastanienmännchen schaffen

Many different animal figures are possible when crafting with chestnuts.

Mit Kastanien basteln viel Tierfiguren sind möglich

  • Decorate with chestnuts and spread an autumn note at home

The second group of our tips for tinkering with chestnuts mainly includes decoration ideas with chestnuts. After a walk in the park, it is not a problem to arrange the chestnuts you have collected on a plate, in a bowl or on a tray and to place them as the centerpiece on the living room table. These will quickly attract everyone’s attention.

Anyone can make this table arrangement with chestnuts.

Mit Kastanien basteln ein Tischarrangement gelingt jedem

Combine with beautiful autumn flowers to create an eye-catcher.

Mit Kastanien basteln in einer Schale auf dem Tisch mit schönen Herbstblumen kombinieren

Chestnuts can still be labeled, painted and then arranged in different shapes. Why not show your kids how to make a chain or bracelet out of chestnuts. Little girls in particular find these ideas fascinating. We recommend the very skilled to make an autumn wreath from chestnuts and other gifts of nature and hang it on the front door. Or maybe just lay it on the dining table? Why not, the happy autumn mood and the fun of handicrafts in autumn never end!

You can hang up such an autumn wreath made of chestnuts indoors or outdoors.

Mit Kastanien basteln Herbstkranz drinnen oder draußen aufhängen

Every lettering or small symbol comes into its own on the brown background.

Mit Kastanien bastelt sie beschriften mit Symbolen verzieren

Brightly painted chestnuts look so happy.

Mit Kastanien basteln bunt bemalen fröhliche Stimmung schaffen

Now scroll down through our gallery and let the great pictures inspire you to make your own individual ideas for chestnuts. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

The creative handicraft ideas with chestnuts don’t want to end.

Kreative Bastelideen mit Kastanien Tierfiguren basteln

The children have a lot of fun doing handicrafts at school and at home.

Mit Kastanien basteln Kinder viel Bastelspaß in der Schule und zu Hause

mit Kastanien basteln Kinderstifte dekorieren Tierfiguren

mit Kastanien basteln lustige Tierfiguren kreieren

lustige Eulen mit Kastanien basteln

mit Kastanien basteln sie bemalen mit weißer Farbe

mit Kastanien basteln

mit Kastanien basteln mit weißer Farbe Buchstaben bemalen

kleine Bälle aus Kastanien machen in weiß dekorieren mit Kastanien basteln

mit Kastanien basteln Girlande schaffen aufhängen

mit Kastanien basteln sie bemalen mit Farbe

bunte herbstliche Deko erstellen mit Kastanien basteln

herbstliche Deko erstellen mit Kastanien basteln

Herbstkranz aus Kastanien basteln mit weißer Schleife und Stern dekorieren

kleine lustige Figuren mit Kastanien basteln gelb grün im Hintergrund

tolle Deko Ideen mit Kastanien basteln wie Blumenstrauß

mit Kastanien basteln eine Raupe kreieren

mit Kastanien basteln kleine lustige Figuren schaffen

mit Kastanien basteln Figuren schaffen viel Bastelspaß

eine Raupe mit Kastanien basteln

lustige kleine Monster mit Kastanien basteln

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