Tip: Bring your own engine oil to the service

service kundendienst werkstatt %C3%B6lwechselWith the service (formerly: “customer service”) it is such a thing. If you go to brand workshops such as Audi, a service can quickly become very expensive. Another reason is that new parts are usually sold at very high prices. A good tip here is to bring the parts you need for the service yourself. In principle you can deliver everything yourself, from the oil filter to the spark plugs to the brake fluid, but it is the easiest and most worthwhile to do so Bring your own engine oil.

The reason: At least in the Audi workshop, the oil for an oil change costs around 4-5 liters for a small diesel engine, just under 100 euros. The long-life oil 5W30 required for the 1.6 TDI, for example, can currently be found on Amazon for just under 40 EUR.
This is also the exact same oil recommended by VW and used in the workshop.

As a rule, workshops do not mind if the customer brings the oil with them. However, it should definitely be the right oil for the engine and the right amount, and the oil canister should be in its original packaging and sealed!

Therefore: buy oil yourself and save a lot of money in the workshop!

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