Tip for vacationers in Italy: Panoramic coastal road between Gabicce and Pesaro

the “Strada Panoramica Adriatica“ is an insider tip for holidaymakers in Italy who are on holiday near the towns of Rimini / Cattolica / Gabicce Mare or Pesaro in the Emilia Romagna region. The panoramic road between Gabicce (Mare)Monte and Pesaro Fort at the top of the mountain along a cliff and is very well developed, even if a bit narrow in places. The road runs between the towns of Gabicce Monte and Pesaro and goes halfway through the woods, often with vineyards and beautiful countryside on the right (going towards Pesaro) and the impressive view of the coast and that often has turquoise-blue water. Swimming is not possible on this stretch of coast because it is a Cliffs without a beach acts. The route is approx 20 kilometers long and very little traffic, since there are alternatives to a federal road and the motorway in the immediate vicinity. There are numerous beautiful ones along the route vantage points with parking and benches. You drive through several small towns that are absolutely untouched by tourism.


Almost all navigation systems do not choose this route automatically because of the faster alternatives mentioned above. but she is a mustto get from Gabicce to Pesaro! For advance planning I have drawn the route below. For the GPS on the go, it is advisable to simply take the street “Strada Panoramica Adriatica” set as an intermediate goal. Without a navigation system, just always drive along the “highest” mountain road and follow the signs towards Pesaro!

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Some impressions along the route:

IMG 0215

View of Gabicce Mare from a parking lot in Gabicce Monte

IMG 0258

View from a small parking bay along the Strada Panoramica Adriatica down to the cliffs



One of the viewpoints along the route with parking and benches.

IMG 0276

Promenade of Pesaro

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