Tip: The Austrian vignette is immediately valid when you buy it online!

The digital vignette was recently introduced. It can be purchased online directly from ASFINAG. The big disadvantage: vignettes bought online are only valid for 18 days after purchase. Unless you plan your vacation well in advance, buying online is pretty pointless. But there is one exception: If you state in the web shop that you are an entrepreneur, the vignette is valid immediately.


The background to the 18-day waiting period is the Consumer Protection Act. It must also be possible to recall the vignette purchased online (like any other online order). It is therefore only valid for 18 days after purchase (when it can no longer be canceled by the customer). However, this Consumer Protection Act does not apply to entrepreneurs, but only to private individuals.

Buying a vignette online as an entrepreneur? and are a sole proprietorship. Accordingly, we state in the ASFINAG online shop that we are entrepreneurs and receive an immediately valid vignette. This works for us on trips where we are on business, for example for our driving reports. So if you have a sole proprietorship or are otherwise an entrepreneur (= has a trade license), you can easily buy an immediately valid Austria vignette. You just have to tick confirm that you are an entrepreneur is and also gets one PDF invoice with the corresponding billing address. Private customers could certainly easily falsely state that they are entrepreneurs. It goes without saying that this is not the purpose of the Consumer Protection Act and that assumes no liability for tax violations.

asfinag vignette online unternehmer2 1

Here you can switch between “private person” and “entrepreneur”.

For business trips / as an entrepreneur, you should definitely buy the vignette online! Not only because it’s easier, but also because you get a clean invoice directly by email as a PDF. This is much easier for digital accounting than collecting receipts from the service area.

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