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Tips and tricks on how to decorate the disused fireplace

In November the weather in Germany remains changeable, but there are large temperature amplitudes. On some days the sun shines again, but at night the thermometer shows values ​​around zero degrees. When you come home in the evening, it is best to feel the warmth of home and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of your own four walls. Perhaps you have opted for modern heating options, for example a bioethanol fireplace and your old fireplace is shut down and unused in the living room. No problem, you can still use it and make the most of it. In this article we will show you clever ideas on how to decorate an unused fireplace and make it an eye-catcher. There are various design options for this. We are happy to report on this and give you inspiration in words and pictures. With us you will learn how you can make the most of a disused and unused fireplace. Are you interested?

An unused fireplace must by no means look boring.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren zum Blickfang machen Holzscheite weiß gestrichen zwei Blumentöpfe beiderseits

Don’t let your closed fireplace look like a thorn in the side and look boring. You could use the space inside the fireplace as additional storage space. The mantelpiece also serves as an extra area for suitable room decoration, which you can decorate depending on the season and in this way also enhance the disused fireplace. In addition, you can decorate the fireplace console yourself and make it an eye-catcher with matching jewelry. In this regard, you can browse our website for further design options and you will definitely find what you are looking for!

By decorating the fireplace, you can turn it into an eye-catcher …

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren im Wohnzimmer ein Bild darüber einige Topfpflanzen daneben gemütliche Atmosphäre

… and create a cozy atmosphere at home.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren im Wohnzimmer Hängestuhl Sessel daneben einige Topfpflanzen gemütliche Atmosphäre rustikaler Touch

Very classic: decorate the unused fireplace, but with wood!

The classic design idea is to decorate the unused fireplace with firewood, because both elements are always associated with each other. In short, firewood logically belongs to the fireplace! This idea is actually a weak attempt to awaken memories of a crackling fireplace and to spread an additional touch of cosiness in the room. There is enough free space inside the disused fireplace to use it for decorating. There you can stack some logs nicely and conjure up a cozy atmosphere in no time. Your living room will fill with a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Depending on the style of your interior and the fireplace, of course, you can create a more rustic arrangement with firewood or make it more modern. The possibilities for this are numerous, it all depends on your creativity and the design concept. The next examples illustrate this method of decorating the unused fireplace with wood.

Put firewood in the unused fireplace….

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Brennholz Flechtkorb grüne Zimmerpflanze sehr angenehme Raumatmosphäre

… and place a box with green plants on the mantelpiece.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Brennholz Spiegel an der Wand Kasten mit grünen Pflanzen auf dem Kaminsims

This arrangement inscribes itself well in an industrial style ambience.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren im Wohnzimmer im Industrial Style Ziegelwand Familienfotos auf dem Kaminsims

Plants are and will remain the most popular decorative element of all time

Despite the freezing temperatures outside, your living space can be green in winter! With attractive evergreen houseplants, you are sure to achieve a wow factor. Put these in the chimney, then they won’t seem too obtrusive. However, you can also place the green roommates directly in front of the fireplace or use it to design the area around the fireplace. In this case, your green plants will stand out more. It is best to choose planters in different sizes to give the arrangement a little more dynamism. These should also match the fireplace and room design and fit seamlessly into your decoration concept. Don’t forget that the mantelpiece offers an extra space to decorate. In addition to the green houseplants, you can also put beautiful family photos there. A couple of candles will complete this arrangement.

Green houseplants skillfully arranged make the unused fireplace an eye-catcher.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren grüne Zimmerpflanzen weiße Pflanzgefäße verschiedene Größe Eyecatcher im Raum

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren drei Töpfe grüne Pflanzen Eyecatcher abstraktes Bild auf dem Kaminsims

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren zwei Töpfe Farn Laternen daneben Deko Artikel Kerze auf dem Kaminsims attraktiver Look

An unused fireplace can also serve as additional storage space

Use your disused fireplace as additional storage space in the room. There you can stack books or place a couple of vintage suitcases. These vintage cars are finally finding a well-deserved place as attractive decoration and spice up the look of the unused fireplace enormously. Baskets, decorative pillows and the like also fit inside the fireplace so that you always have them to hand.

With beautifully stacked books, candles, pampas grass and Santa Claus boots, you can create a first-class Christmas decoration!

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren schön gestapelte Bücher Kerzen Pampasgrad Nikolausstiefel schöne Weihnachtsdeko

Candles and beautiful lights create the magical atmosphere at Christmas.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Kerzen schöne Lichter magische Atmosphäre zu Weihnachten

Christmas time – the best time!

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Spiegel Lichter grüne Girlanden Nikolausstiefel

Create a cozy sitting area right in front of the fireplace.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Fell Flechtkörbe Kissen eine gemütliche Sitzecke gestalten

The old suitcases emphasize the vintage style of this living room.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren alte Koffer Spiegel Bildrahmen Vintage Stil im Wohnzimmer

But now we also have great ideas for all animal lovers who have a four-legged friend at home. Why not set up the dog or cat bed inside the disused fireplace? Your pet will definitely be very happy with their new home! That’s just an extra tip on how versatile an unused fireplace can be, isn’t it?

Your favorite pet can get a new home.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Hundebett neues Zuhause für den Hund

Here the four-legged friends can sleep undisturbed.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Hundebett zwei Vierbeiner schlafen

Scroll down to admire all of the sample pictures of decorating an unused fireplace. You are sure to find the idea that inspires you to decorate your home like this! The editors hope you enjoy viewing and decorating!

If you don’t use the fireplace, you can cover it with a metal grille….

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren mit einem Metallgitter zudecken rundherum schmücken großer Spiegel

You can also make the grid yourself from another material.

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Gitter aus einem anderen Material selber basteln

Do you want to stuff the unused fireplace with wood and still make an eye-catcher?

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren mit Brennholz vollstopfen eyecatching machen

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Brennholz bunt gestrichen eyecatching machen

Who likes contrasts …

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Holz Weiß und Schwarz im Kontrast kasten mit grünen pflanzen

… can also decorate the unused fireplace once!

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Kontrast zwischen grünen Pflanzen und Weiß dunkelgrüne Wand

Even in vintage style!

Stillgelegten unbenutzten Kamin dekorieren Vintage Koffer Deko im Vintage Stil

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