Tips for a clean garden pond – the nuts and bolts of good care

A well-developed trend can be observed in our modern, very dynamic everyday life. Most people long for serenity and relaxation and want to enjoy it in their own home. After every stressful day at work or on a free weekend, they want to treat themselves to pure relaxation. There are of course many different ways to relax, mostly for each and every one of us. But today we only want to take a close look at one of them, namely the garden pond. Many people decide in favor of a pond when planning and designing their outdoor area. There are many good reasons for this. On the one hand, when the weather is good, you can sit close to the pond for hours and watch nature. With a couple of deck chairs or other outdoor furniture, you can create an oasis of calm around the pond and linger there for a long time in the fresh air. You can also listen to the soft splashing of the water, which is very calming and relaxing.

A garden pond always brings a certain dose of holiday feeling with it.

Ein Gartenteich bringt immer eine gewisse Dose Urlaubsfeeling mit.

If you already have a garden pond, then you know that the idyllic picture described above can be tarnished very easily and does not always correspond to the truth. The problem comes from unclean pond water. It can turn green, which is a clear signal for floating algae in the water. This green algae carpet also shows that the natural balance in the garden pond is disturbed. Sludge and sludge could build up. That is to say, a garden pond requires good care so that it will delight you for a long time with its natural character. But there are some negative factors that spoil the garden owner’s enjoyment of their pond. In order to save you annoyance and additional work, we want to provide you with useful information. In the following, we would like to summarize as practical tips for a clean pond what you really don’t have to neglect when planning and maintaining a pond.

Every garden pond needs to be properly cared for.

Jeder Gartenteich verlangt richtig gepflegt zu werden.

  • Tip # 1: Determine the correct location and optimal depth of the garden pond in advance

In order for a garden pond to look clean and tidy, it must be properly planned, designed and laid out. Only then does regular care come. In order not to have problems with floating algae and cloudy water, you must first choose the right location for your garden pond. If you are a Feng Shui lover, you will also find good tips for the location of the water elements in the garden in the Far Eastern philosophy. We can also recommend that the pond not be in full sun all day. This increases the water temperature and is a prerequisite for algae to multiply. It would be much better if the pond was in partial shade. But if you have deciduous trees to provide shade in its immediate vicinity, this is also not a good idea. The falling leaves can get directly into the water and only introduce additional biomass into the pond.

Our advice is: Choose the location of your garden pond so that some tall trees are a bit away from it. During the day they provide enough shade and their leaves can hardly fall into the pond water.

Green lawn around the garden pond is better than nearby deciduous trees.

Grüner Rasen um den Gartenteich herum ist besser als nahestehende Laubbäume.

When planning your pond, you must also consider other important aspects. The shape, size and depth of the pond need to be carefully considered. It would be best if you keep the temperature of the pond water as low as possible to prevent algae growth. The following rule applies here: the larger and deeper the pond, the slower the water heats up there. You can determine the shape and size depending on the available garden area and your individual wishes. We just want to add that a water depth of four feet is considered optimal.

This garden idyll is possible with good pond maintenance.

Diese Gartenidylle ist bei guter Teichpflege möglich.

  • Tip # 2: Underwater and floating plants are a must

Underwater and floating plants are an absolute must in every well-kept garden pond. On the one hand, they help to keep the water clean, because they need nitrogen for their growth. This makes the aquatic plants a real competitor to the algae. In addition, these plants with their green stems and beautiful flowers emphasize the natural character of the garden pond. From a psychological point of view, this is good for the eyes and soul.

The aquatic plants emphasize the natural character of the garden pond.

Die Wasserpflanzen betonen den naturnahen Charakter des Gartenteichs.

They make the pond even more beautiful, romantic and, above all, cleaner.

Se machen den Teich noch schöner romantischer und vor allem sauberer.

  • Tip # 3: Modern technology helps you to properly care for the garden pond

To ensure that your garden pond is always clean, it must be regularly and properly cared for. Since the algae are a real nuisance, they have to be constantly removed. It would also be advisable to keep the nutrient content in the pond as low as possible. This stops the algae from spreading. The fallen leaves must also be removed. Under no circumstances should these remain in the water for long, as they provide additional biomass and food for the water algae.

Standing water is also undesirable because it quickly becomes cloudy. It would be best to keep the water in the pond moving. In addition, the deposits of silt and silt on the pond floor also contain nutrients. For this reason, it is important to remove them regularly. As you can see, regular pond maintenance is not an easy task. You can completely rely on modern pond cleaning technology. What you can’t do with your two hands, a powerful pond sludge cleaner can do. Find out what is on offer online and choose the most suitable device so that you always have a clean pond.

Follow our tips described above and you can look forward to a well-tended garden pond for years to come!

Pond maintenance shouldn’t be witchcraft!

Die Teichpflege soll keine Hexerei sein

People like to swim in the clean pond water.

Im sauberen Teichwasser schwimmt man gern

You can completely rely on this pond cleaning technique!
Auf diese Teichreinigungstechnik können Sie sich völlig verlassen

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