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Tips for garden design 2017 – this is how you set up your relaxation zone outside!

Today, in two consecutive articles, we present the pronounced trends in garden design for 2017. In the first post – Trends for garden design 2017 – we dealt with 5 important aspects of garden design, including the Danish concept of hygge, the outdoor kitchen and the super comfortable garden furniture and the use of bright colors and fragrant climbers outside. In this post we continue and want to take a closer look at the other 5 aspects of garden design 2017. Stick with it, it’s really interesting!

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The Mediterranean style brings warmth and southern exoticism to the garden

Exotik im Garten üppige Gartenblumen Terrakotta Töpfe angebaute Pergola Holzmöbel

1. The Mediterranean style in garden design will remain topical in 2017

The Mediterranean style in garden design never seems to go out of style at all. This will remain up to date in 2017. This is certainly also due to the huge interest in cacti and succulents, which can give any garden a Mediterranean look. Exotic garden plants bring that special something into the garden area and bring with them a feeling for a relaxed lifestyle. Some large terracotta pots, colorful and lush garden flowers, olive trees and a shaded seating area are always must-haves in the Mediterranean garden. These help you to create an outdoor space where you can fully enjoy your time-out, regardless of whether the sun is playing along or not. A water feature would round off the Mediterranean look, add another dimension, cool the air in the hottest days and provide a desirable water supply for birds and insects. With so many pluses, it would be hard to do without a water feature in your garden, wouldn’t it? A colorful bistro table is just right for a smaller garden or, if you have more free space, you could place a large table and comfortable chairs there to have the whole family around and adapt the design to the continental style.

The Mediterranean garden style is trendy: Lush garden flowers bring that certain something to your outdoor area

Tipps für die Gartengestaltung 2017 mediterraner Stil

cozy, exotic …… Mediterranean!

terrasse im Exotik style modern teppiche

Sandpit and swings always mean real fun for your children

Gartengestaltung Tipps 2017 Spielecke für die Kinder Sandkasten Schaukel Spiel Sport Spaß

2. Colorful fun for your little treasures

Nowadays it is particularly important to encourage children to spend longer periods of time away from digital screens – and instead to explore and get to know nature more closely. A good old-fashioned outside game would certainly be amusing for the little treasures too. Set up a special play area for your children and their friends, a relaxation zone with suitable furniture and design safe playgrounds where the little ones can spend the whole day. You are sure to have a lot of fun in the garden and then enjoy a healthy night’s sleep. This year it is just as important to create a colorful outdoor area for the children, where the little ones can fully enjoy their time in the garden. Choose folding chairs and tables that you can take away quickly in bad weather.

Colorful children’s furniture for the garden – give your little treasures a lot of joy!

Kinder Gartenmöbel rot orange ideen

Everything is prepared here for the next children’s party

Gartengestaltung 2017 Tipps Kindermöbel Kinderparty gestalten

Wicker furniture for your relaxation zone outdoors – under a parasol, of course!

Relax Zone draußen bequeme Korbmöbel Gartengestaltung Tipps

3. The garden can be seen from a different angle

Try to change your perspective and see your garden from a new perspective. You will perceive your outdoor area differently. For example, find an unloved corner in the garden where the morning sun is shining and place a bistro table there. So you can drink your coffee undisturbed and read the news in the morning paper in peace. Of course, some sun loungers would be in the right place there so that you can enjoy the last of the sunshine in the evening with a glass of wine in hand. Treat the garden area as your own relaxation zone and design it the way you like it best.

Every little corner in the open air can give you the peace and serenity you want

Kleiner Garten Ideen Gestalten

You can spend stress-free hours on these deck chairs

liegestühle ideen garten Gartengestaltung Tipps 2017 Gartenmöbel

4. Close to nature and comfort rolled into one

The main trends in garden design for 2017 include closeness to nature and comfort. Green garden plants and wild areas outside attract the animals from your immediate surroundings and create a relaxed environment. Unmowed grass, field flowers and places for the animals – all of this turns your garden into a nature reserve. A comfortable corner sofa hidden in the wild grass gives you the best place to relax in peace. A pool or maybe a garden pond would be a great idea!

The key words for garden design in 2017 are: closeness to nature and comfort

Tipps Gartengestaltung

With suitable garden lighting you can introduce a new dose of romance into your garden

Gartengestaltung Tipps 2017 rustikaler Stil

5. The garden lighting – important in every respect for the 2017 garden design

Since LED technology has become cheaper, there is a much wider choice of outdoor lighting. The right garden lighting in particular helps you create a breathtaking outdoor ambience when the sun goes down. Environmentally friendly lights powered by solar energy can be distributed over the square. This can be used to illuminate the garden paths so that you have more safety when strolling in the garden in the evening. Define beautiful garden areas with the right, targeted lighting or highlight a specific object! Lanterns are a perfect choice as they add a dramatic flair and cast interesting looking shadows over the surroundings. The key to successful garden design is the right lighting concept. Separate individual zones outside with the well thought-out garden lighting and enjoy your work in the evening!

Your ingenuity is required when it comes to garden lighting

Gartengestaltung Tipps 2017 Gartenbeleuchtung deko ideen

Lush climbing plants spread their wonderful scent outside, bring color and make your garden look unique

gartenideen gartengestaltungideen gartentipps

A bistro table and two chairs are enough to create a cozy relaxation zone within the green garden

Bistrotisch zwei Stühle bunte Kissen

A bistro table and two chairs are enough to create a cozy relaxation zone within the green garden

Gartengestaltung Tipps 2017 gemütliche Relax Zone

Bringing antique flair into garden design

antike Möbel Deko Gartengestaltung Tipps 2017

Put a black board on the wall for the little ones to draw

Kinder schwarze Tafel garden deko ideen

Set up a special play area for your little treasures, they will appreciate it in their own way

Gartengestaltung Tipps 2017 Spielecke für die Kinder Schaukel Spiel Sport Spaß

Spread some lanterns around the garden and enjoy the romantic atmosphere

Gartengestaltungstipps 2017 Gartenbeleuchtung ideen

You can build many useful things yourself from pallets

Gartengestaltungstipps 2017 Gartenmöbel aus Paletten

A small element of water is a must in garden design 2017

Gartengestaltungstipps 2017 ein Wasserelement Gartenteich ein Muss Frische

In the evening you can sit comfortably around the open fireplace, during the day you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun and the freshness of the water in the small pool

gartenideen offene feuerstelle

Set up special seating area for your children

Sitzecke für die Kinder gestalten draußen sitzen spielen Kinderparty haben

The little ones like to sit in the sun, play and have a lot of fun outside

Kindertisch roter und gelber Stuhl Gartengestaltungstipps

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