Tips for getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy


Expectant mothers quickly notice that their offspring can rob them of sleep before they are even born. From home remedies such as CBD to acrobatic sleeping positions and elaborate sleep rituals, they try everything to find peace at night. Because restful sleep is now particularly important not only for you, but also for your baby. What are the best tricks to help you fall asleep during pregnancy?

The correct sleeping position

Belly sleepers have to get used to it early in their pregnancy. And in the last trimester at the latest, sleeping on your back becomes difficult. Not only does it become increasingly uncomfortable, it even makes many pregnant women nauseous, because the baby is pressing on a number of internal organs. In the worst case, the baby’s weight can even pinch the vein in the back, which can lead to a number of problems. During pregnancy, most women become side sleepers more or less voluntarily. The earlier it takes place, the easier it is to get used to it. By the way, it is best for the baby if mom sleeps on her left side. This is the best way for oxygen and nutrients to get into the uterus.

Pillows, pillows and more pillows

In most cases, however, it is not enough to just lie on the side. Additional pillows are needed – one is clamped between the legs, another supports the baby bump. If you don’t have that many pillows lying around in your bedroom, you can simply buy a nursing pillow early on. Because of its elongated shape, it is perfect for supporting the body in the right places.

Sleep with the nursing pillow
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Drink less in the evening

When the baby presses on the bladder, the future mom often has to go to the toilet several times during the night. No matter how comfortable she is in bed – a good night’s sleep is difficult. On the other hand, pregnant women naturally have an increased need for water and therefore like to drink a little more. In the hours before you go to bed you should avoid this, at least if you are not thirsty. In this way, the number of going to the toilet at night can at least be reduced a little.

CBD capsules

As a precaution, many pregnant women keep their hands off sleep aids. Because even if they promise quick relief, you never know how they will affect the baby’s development. Some mothers make an exception with CBD oil, which has a relaxing and sleep-inducing effect. It is available, for example, in capsule form or as a combination preparation with vitamin D and is often used in naturopathy.

Whether it is safe to take CBD during pregnancy should first be clarified with a doctor.

Mobile away!

Most of you have probably heard this tip before, but it is seldom heeded. With their high proportion of blue light, smartphone displays can unbalance the internal clock and make it difficult to fall asleep. The same goes for computer displays and the television. It is best to avoid it altogether an hour or two before going to sleep. If you are bored with it, you just have to pass the time with a good old book.

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