Tips for successful garden design: what do you have to have with you?

Many people see the garden as an indivisible part of the living space. The garden design is therefore just as important as the room design. When furnishing a room, consideration is given to the overall appearance: the wall color, furniture and flooring must be in harmony with one another and appear harmonious. The same applies to garden planning. Take a look at the available space in your garden! Now imagine how the individual elements work together to create a pleasant outdoor area. Visually divide this area into different places, e.g. a place of retreat, playground, dining area. How can you actually beautify these individual areas? Browse through our tips and design ideas and find out more about them!

Pergolas / arches

Garden design pergola wood seating group

Stylish pergola: combine functionality with beauty

The recently popular pergolas are the perfect place to have a cup of coffee with friends. With a beautiful shade sail and some flower pots on both sides of the construction you can create your romantic garden corner. Are there other accessories that you would like for your dream garden? Before you buy, look at as many decorating ideas as possible before you make big investments.


Blossoms, leaves and grasses offer a delightful autumn ambience in pots and troughs

Let the regional garden center inquire about the right plants for your region

In any case, expert advice would be desirable here. In the garden center, you can find out which types of plants thrive best in your region.

You can also rely on annual and perennial flowers. The annual flower varieties are changed annually, perennial perennials have to be tended and trimmed from time to time. Treat yourself to a splendor of colors and shapes in your garden and allow variety to rule there.

Buckets / flower boxes / pots

Outdoor planter decoration mini pond

Beautiful pots and lots of green spice up any outdoor area

There are good opportunities to set up beautiful planters or flower pots in both large and small complexes. These pretty outdoor accessories frame any outdoor area in a stylish way. Depending on their diversity in shapes and prices, you will find a wide range on the market.


The rubber tree integrated in the contemporary construction looks like a real work of art

The tree, which is integrated into the entire building structure, looks like a real work of art

Garden trees are particularly important, they determine the general garden look. If you want to have a tree in your yard for a long time, it pays to think carefully about the choice. The plant should complete your outdoor area in all seasons. Let an expert advise you on the right tree species and care!

Irrigation system

Watering garden lawn plant species

Proper watering is essential for healthy, green plants and lawns

A successful garden design largely depends on cleverly thought-out watering technology. Consider in good time that the carefully selected plants and tree species would have been a pointless investment without enough water.


Soft garden lights skilfully put beautiful selected areas in the limelight

Soft garden lights skilfully put beautiful selected areas in the limelight

Ideally, you will find pleasure in the garden area both during the day and at night. Properly installed outdoor lighting gives your garden a romantic look. Diverse variants are available to you: design with floor lamps, lanterns or garden torches and enjoy your unique overall look.

Home textiles

Textiles outside picnic blanket pillows

Decorative fabrics for outdoor use meet high requirements

Home textiles play an important role in home design and in the garden look. That is why they are an accurate decision in the form of patterned furniture covers, decorative pillows and sun protection. Colorful textiles come as Are you also considering garden decoration?

Water system

Water system create a garden pond bench

The planning of the garden pond should be done in such a way that it fits into the overall concept of the garden

Who wouldn’t want to have their own water system? Water has a positive effect on us all: it brings us a feeling of endless freedom and calm and helps us to find our inner balance again. In order to be able to enjoy this effect in your own garden every day, small ponds and decorative fountains can be beautifully designed. However, regular cleaning takes time and money.

Seating groups / garden furniture

Garden furniture seating group garden pond polyrattan

Garden furniture is necessary for every garden owner: regardless of whether it is about extensive sets or a simple seating area

Would a modern outdoor area be possible without a cozy seating area in the shade? The selection of chic and functional garden furniture is of course huge: table sets, outdoor sofa, bench, why not a great hammock? The color nuances should be adapted to the overall style of the garden. The endurance of the garden furniture is also an important factor in its choice.

Have you now seen how diverse garden design can be? Good planning is essential here. The right garden decoration is also fun. Once designed, the garden is sure to give you great pleasure during the outdoor season.

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