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Tips for your balcony design

Today we are giving you tips on how to set up your terrace practically and comfortably at the same time.


Before choosing furniture, the size of the balcony should be considered. It is better to put solid balcony furniture aside for your future apartment. The wicker furniture is particularly suitable for small terraces because it is not too heavy and can be moved. All you need for comfort is a coffee table, a couple of chairs and a pretty potted flower.

If you have a large terrace, you can let your imagination run wild. Large furniture or even a garden swing could find its place on the balcony. This creates a lot of comfort. Imagine sitting on the swing with a cup of tea in the evening after a busy day and enjoying the beautiful view.

The large terrace allows you to add other home accessories. In summer, for example, you could put the grill and a large table on the terrace, chat with friends and cook together.

Courtyard decor patio furniture green wall wooden table glass door

This inner courtyard is furnished with stylish garden furniture and serves as a cozy corner for relaxation

Terrace design balcony garden furniture balcony plants outdoor area carpet roofed wood

This modern furniture can also decorate your porch!

Terrace design, relaxation area, red orange plant pots, modern

Red, orange and lots of green – these are the characteristics of this enchanting outdoor area

Garden courtyard patio design waterproof bistro furniture balcony set

A wonderful outdoor relaxation area, just for two!

Garden swing wood veranda backyard Katzenfugur flowers white

This wooden garden swing is of course an extra, but it gives the outdoor area the finishing touch


When setting up, you could, for example, choose a small lantern or a bird feeder without any other decoration. However, too many small items will make the balcony look smaller.

A bookcase would look great on the balcony. During the day there is enough light for reading, this way you will not harm your eyes with the artificial light.

Many ideas with flowers can be transformed here. However, new plants would first have to adapt to a dry, sheltered place and only then be placed on the balcony. Choose a few plants that you could leave on your balcony in winter when the temperature is low. In this way, not every single pot would have to be carried indoors.

Terrace lounge garden furniture summer season

Simple garden furniture that can also look beautiful on your terrace

Garden backyard cosiness garden sofa decoration pillows candles amaryllis

Lots of cosiness and lots of green! A garden paradise in the open air

Terrace balcony Haus Idden garden furniture design hanging pots chaise lounge

Do you also want to relax on this terrace?

Garden decoration flower lantern lantern

The beautiful garden flowers are always a real eye-catcher!


To turn the balcony into a favorite place, you need the right lighting. Wall lights are suitable for this, you could even use them for reading. For stronger light, they can be combined with one or more floor lamps. During the summer, candles create a particularly pleasant atmosphere.

Garden decoration star light festival

Garden decoration star

Wind light lantern wood decoration cozy

Lanterns and lanterns bring a romantic touch to every balcony!

Terrace balcony design ideas view sunset wooden table

On the hot summer evenings, you can also sit outside and enjoy your meal

Garden design garden torch stainless steel wood

Garden design with garden torches made of stainless steel

Courtyard backyard decor green wall hanging lamp table setting

Every guest is warmly welcome in this green oasis in the courtyard

Terrace design garden armchair arc lamp bar stool uniquely unusual

Veranda design with chess board and a lot of comfort around

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