Tips: With the quad through the winter

When you ride a quad through the winter, the driving fun comes all by itself. And that’s important, after all, you should enjoy the beautiful moments in life especially when it’s wet and cold outside again. Because what could be better than making the streets unsafe in winter with your beloved quad? Below are tips on what to look out for when driving a quad in the gray season, as well as tricks for winter-proof quads to ensure the necessary safety.

With the quad through the winter: Protection for quad and driver

With the quad through the winter: tips & tricks, so that even in the gray season bright joy arises;  ©, it is not always summer in our latitudes. Even if there are guided winter tours with quads, there is of course no substitute for your own quad. If you want to get your quad out of hibernation, defy wind and weather and ride as much as possible, you have to consider a few things beforehand. Even in the wet, cold and snow, a quad ride is pure pleasure – if a few safety precautions are taken beforehand. Both quad and driver need to be winterized.

Tires, engine & co

Similar to cars, quads are not covered by insurance in the event of an accident on wintry roads if the vehicle is not equipped with suitable tires. A new ordinance on winter tires has been in force for several years, which also affects quads. With the quad through the winter: The vehicle should be preserved against salt corrosion with suitable penetrating oilIf the quad is approved as a VKP and you want to be on public roads in frosty conditions, either car winter tires must be fitted or a wheel and tire combination with M+S identification is required. Appropriate tires can be found, for example, in the Tirendo online shop, which are also suitable for quads. In particularly wintry weather, snow chains can also be of great help in order not to lose your footing.
As with a car, everything should be checked thoroughly with a quad. Fluid levels, tires, oil and air filters, and spark plugs should be checked. In any case, antifreeze should be added to the coolant. If the quad has a sheet metal tank, it is also important to fill it up completely in cold temperatures so that no rust can form on the inside. In addition, all moving parts such as cables, shift linkage and brake cables should be sprayed and lubricated with the appropriate protective agent. All metal parts such as screw heads, aluminum parts, exhaust and engine block are sprayed with MOS2 spray to prevent rusting.
If you want to ride a quad through the winter, you shouldn’t forget to treat the rubber parts with a special care product. Especially after a ride in the snow, you often have to contend with salt eating into the quad. With the quad through the winter: weatherproof and warm clothing;  © is therefore best to rinse off the quad with water after every ride in salt and then treat it with WD40 – this will keep the quad in good shape even in winter.

So that the driver does not freeze to death

Especially in the gray season, it gets cold very quickly on the quad. Therefore, as with motorcycling, you should always wear weatherproof and warm clothing. Textile motorcycle clothing is also good for winter quad biking, as it is both warm and waterproof. Appropriate boots and winter gloves provide the necessary thermal protection. For particularly warm hands, there are special heated grips for quads that can be electronically controlled. This keeps your hands and especially your fingertips warm from the cool headwind. Appropriate goggles ensure a clear view in uncomfortable weather. x

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