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Tissue paper – a versatile packaging wonder and its advantages

Tissue paper – a versatile packaging wonder and its advantages

We all have numerous official and personal occasions during the year to celebrate and be happy. These are those very special days like Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day when we express our love, affection and admiration. This also includes the birthdays and anniversaries of our best friends, close relatives and good colleagues. On such days we want to pleasantly surprise our loved ones and give them a lot of joy. Undoubtedly, this can be done in a number of ways. But you can’t go wrong with a tastefully wrapped present, a beautiful bouquet wrapped in tissue paper or suitably packaged with a bottle of good wine! But on the contrary! Not only do they make a good impression, but your gift also scores with an excellent look and feel. In the next few lines you will find out why tissue paper is called a versatile packaging wonder and what else you can do with it.

Surprise your loved ones on any occasion with a stylishly wrapped gift!

Seidenpapier modernes vielseitiges Verpackungswunder drei Päckchen stilvoll verpackt mit Papierblumen verziert

  • Interesting facts about tissue paper and its manufacture

But before we introduce you to the practical application of tissue paper, we would like to share a few words about its old and very interesting development history. Perhaps you do not yet know that the packaging wonder that is so popular today can look back on a history dating back thousands of years. Its origin is dated in ancient China, around 140 years before the Common Era. It is still historically proven that in the year 100 BC, paper was made from silk waste in China. Over the centuries, the manufacturing process has been further developed and refined, so that today we have a high-quality product that enchants us with its aesthetic look and high functionality.

High aesthetics and the best functionality go hand in hand here!

Seidenpapier modernes vielseitiges Verpackungswunder schönes Geschenk hohe Ästhetik beste Funktionalität

It’s also good to know that today’s tissue paper is made from up to 100% recycled fibers. It is made in different versions that are wood-free, chlorine-free and acid-free. There are very different types of tissue paper, ranging from packing silk to crepe paper to bakery and lining silk and are used accordingly for a variety of purposes. In addition, you can find high quality tissue paper in different colors online. At attractive prices and with fast delivery times! For example, you can choose from such colors as white, yellow, red, blue, fir green and black. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the best quality and the various colors of the tissue paper. Creative minds with good manual skills and a lot of imagination can use them to make beautiful flowers, garlands and lanterns that are an indispensable part of any festive decoration. But at the same time, tissue paper can nowadays also satisfy the highest demands in terms of gift wrapping. That is why it is now considered the modern, versatile packaging all-rounder. We’ll report right away where it is used well!

You can pleasantly surprise your loved one with this attractively wrapped gift in tissue paper.

Seidenpapier modernes vielseitiges Verpackungswunder Geschenkpäckchen in Seidenpapier in Schwarz und Weiß sehr attraktiv

  • Modern tissue paper as a versatile packaging wonder

If you attach great importance to tastefully wrapped gifts, tissue paper can be the best possible solution for you. This can be used to beautifully wrap small gifts such as jewelry, watches, cosmetics, clothing and much more. Fine tissue paper can also be used to fill voids in gift boxes or bags so that the gift is not scratched or damaged in any way during transport. The best part is that the packaging is pollutant-free and fully recyclable. This means that if you use tissue paper as packaging material, you are making a smart and environmentally friendly decision and making your small contribution to environmental protection!

Tissue paper is pollutant-free and recyclable.

Seidenpapier modernes vielseitiges Verpackungswunder Weinflaschen in Seidenpapier umwickeln schadstofffrei und recycelbar

Good taste and sublime style always go hand in hand with high aesthetics and the best functionality. This is especially the case with gift packaging with tissue paper. Give your mother or grandma a beautifully wrapped parcel for Christmas or their birthday and admire the joy in their eyes. Surprise your loved one with a beautiful bouquet of flowers wrapped in tissue paper and make her heart beat faster. Give a good colleague a bottle of wine wrapped in tissue paper and he will appreciate your gesture. Because the secret of the gift is just as great as the pleasure of opening it. But you can experience both with loved ones and enjoy them to the fullest. We wish you that too!

When it comes to wrapping gifts, you can let your creativity run free!

Seidenpapier modernes vielseitiges Verpackungswunder Schleife selber basteln das Päckchen schmücken

Seidenpapier modernes vielseitiges Verpackungswunder zwei Weinflaschen die eine in Seidenpapier umwickelt

Seidenpapier modernes vielseitiges Verpackungswunder kleines Geschenk schön geschmackvoll verpackt

Seidenpapier modernes vielseitiges Verpackungswunder hellblaues und blau weiß gestreiftes Papier Hohlräume füllen

With this beautiful bouquet wrapped in tissue paper, you can make a loved one shine with joy!

Seidenpapier modernes vielseitiges Verpackungswunder schöner Blumenstrauß in Seidenpapier umwickelt

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