Tom Brady Score Card

Tom Brady Score Card – 2000

Among all the many Tom Brady score cards out there, I’m a huge fan of this one from Upper Deck. Not only are the cards cool looking, but they are also quite inexpensive. The cards are also great for sports fanatics who want to build their collection. You can also find this card in a variety of different decks, like Mystique and Quantum Leaf.

SkyBox Dominion

Several Tom Brady cards were made in 2000. This was before Tom signed with the New England Patriots. There are 13 different autograph cards from 2000. Some of them are very interesting. However, some of them don’t grade well. This makes them difficult to find.

One of the more unique rookie cards is the 2000 Score Tom Brady. This card features Tom Brady in college uniform. It is a relatively rare card, with only 50 copies being produced. It is worth over $100 ungraded.

Another interesting rookie card is the 2000 Pacific Crown Royale. This card is printed on holographic foil and features a team nod. This is one of the brightest cards in the set. The card is numbered to 500.

Upper Deck

Among all the Tom Brady Upper Deck score card offerings, the 2000 Score card is one of the most attractive. Aside from the etched foil background and multi-directional texts, this card stands out from the rest of the basic rookie cards.

The etched foil design might not be as premium as it was in the past. It does have a lot of design elements to keep a collector’s interest, though. The card’s main portrait also has generic colors. However, the gold foil on the front is a giveaway.

This card is also available in a retail version. It has a small print run, but adds 650 copies to the mix.

The etched foil design is the same as the one found in the 2000 Playoff Momentum Brady card. This card was one of the company’s premium lines and was aimed at collectors who weren’t as savvy on the subject of rookie autographs.

Bowman Chrome

Despite the fact that Tom Brady has had a 22-year NFL career, his first rookie card in 2000 isn’t among the most highly sought after. The card was released in 2000 by only two manufacturers – Topps and Bowman. Despite the limited number of releases, it still holds a high value.

The Tom Brady Rookie Card has an alluring design. The card features a bold color scheme that makes it difficult to miss. The card also has a large number “6” over Brady’s shoulder. The card has many different variations. These cards can range from the more common to the rarest.

Besides the design, the biggest factor that affects the value of a Tom Brady Rookie Card is the brand. Upper Deck has been known for producing tech-focused designs. The cards feature multi-directional text and foil outlines. The cards also come with protective coverings.

Quantum Leaf

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you’ve probably heard of the QB’s Quantum Leaf score card. It’s certainly a nice looking card, but it has a few flaws. One of those flaws is its small print. You won’t find this card in more than 500 copies. It’s also worth noting that it doesn’t have the usual NFL or NCAA marks on the back. Regardless, it’s a cool looking card that deserves a spot in your collection.

As a bonus, you’ll also find some cool looking other cards in the set. This is particularly the case in the E-X variant. It’s also the first time that Tom Brady has been featured in a premium product. Having said that, the base set is confusingly tierd.


Despite their recent loss to the New Orleans Saints, the Patriots still maintain a playoff spot and are considered to be a Super Bowl contender. However, they made too many mistakes last night, and the Superdome may be the final resting place for the Patriots’ mystique.

Tom Brady has a well-rounded resume, with three Super Bowl MVPs, eight touchdown passes and one interception. He has been a consistent performer and has helped the Patriots win seven Super Bowls. He has also been 6-6 in the playoffs since he started his career with the Patriots at 10-0.

He also has 15 Pro Bowl selections. He is considered to be the best player in the NFL, and should see three or four more productive seasons. He is expected to lead the Patriots to the Super Bowl XLVII this year.

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