Tom Vitale Net Worth 2022

Tom Vitale Net Worth 2022

Besides being a very successful actor, Tom Vitale is also a well-known singer. He is one of the most popular artists in the world, with millions of fans. He has a net worth of $20 million. He has been married to Valerie Bertinelli.


Besides being a successful entrepreneur, financial adviser, and TV producer, Tom Vitale is a family man and husband. He is also a devoted father. As of today, Vitale has a net worth of $5 million. He has four children with his wife Sharon.

Vitale has been involved in the television industry since the late 1980s. He began his career as a financial planner. He later became a business executive and a research analyst. His first role was with Viacom, a mass media company. His next position was with NBC, a network owned by Comcast. He worked there as an executive vice president. He was also responsible for programming and deal-making. Vitale later worked for Syfy, which was launched in 1992.

Vitale also serves as an executive vice president of programming and original movies for Syfy. He has been responsible for acquiring film and television shows for the network. He is also involved in civic, educational, and cultural projects. He supports the organization Fieri National, an Italian-American organization.


Despite his two failed marriages, Tom Vitale has made some impressive decisions in his professional life. He has a career as a financial planner and entrepreneur. He has also managed to make the most of his professional relationships.

Bertinelli and Vitale have a prenuptial agreement. The two got hitched in January 2011 after dating for a few years. Bertinelli’s brother Patrick introduced the pair. The wedding was attended by only 100 people.

The couple made headlines in the year following their wedding. Bertinelli claimed to have been by Van Halen’s side when he died of throat cancer in October 2020. The couple maintained a cordial relationship after the split.

The other notable fact about the Bertinelli and Vitale relationship is that they have no shared children. However, they have been seen out and about together in public. They appeared to be a devoted couple at several events.

It is not known when the pair will officially part ways. Hopefully they will be able to move on with their lives.

Divorce from Valerie Bertinelli

Earlier this month, Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale finalized their divorce settlement. Bertinelli is now officially divorced and her husband will not receive spousal support. She and Vitale have been married for ten years and have not had children.

Vitale is a financial planner, TV executive and entrepreneur. He is currently an executive vice president of programming for Syfy. He has also been a producer on several popular shows. He is also a co-founder of the e-commerce startup Veebo. He has also been a New York State Vice President of an Italian-American organization.

Tom Vitale has a net worth of $5 million. Tom has also earned his fair share of money from his work as a producer. He has been a producer on shows such as The Apprentice USA and Hot in Cleveland. He has also appeared on The Norman Lear sitcom One Day at a Time. His net worth is largely attributed to his work in the film and television industries.


During his early years, Tom Vitale appeared to have maintained a close relationship with his mother Helen. But this relationship has been strained over the years.

Tom Vitale has appeared in many television shows. He is also a financial planner and an entrepreneur. He currently serves as the CEO of an e-commerce company called VeeBow. He earns more than $80k per year.

Tom Vitale was born on August 15, 1963, in California. He graduated from Williams College. His father’s name is Vitale. He has two sisters and a brother. He is 5’8” tall and weighs 75 kilograms. He has brown eyes.

Tom Vitale starred in several television shows including The Apprentice USA and Who Do You Think You Are? In addition, Tom has been featured in several documentaries. He has also appeared in the movie Hot in Cleveland. In addition, he has worked as a producer for the movie Dyslexic Heart. He has also worked as the executive vice president of programming for Syfy.

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