Topman Lyrics

Lyrics are the words of a song. They tell a tale or describe an event, while sometimes being humorous while other times being serious; lyrics can even serve as poetry!

Lyric is derived from Latin “liber”, meaning freedom, and initially meant “words set to music”. Over time, however, the term has come to represent poetry or blank verse.

Early Life and Education

Edwards achieved incredible success in music despite working at Topman retail chain for four years to support himself financially. Additionally, Edwards established SBTV music platform website which helped launch many prominent UK artists’ careers.

The song ‘Topman’ appears to be about Bladee’s relationship failures and inability to cope with his emotions without succumbing to addictions. He struggles to maintain contact with an unstable partner despite knowing it’s unwise, only becoming overwhelmed by their pull (“With double E’s, geeking like a geek, off blueberries like Halloween”). Unfortunately his attempts at dealing with emotional problems fail miserably until eventually reaching breaking point and turning to drugs or alcohol for relief.

Professional Career

TopMan has captured listeners worldwide with its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody, inspiring listeners with its message of resilience and determination to follow their passions despite obstacles or difficulties, breaking free from social expectations to chart their own unique paths.

With the ever-evolving market of music, finding work as a professional lyricist is becoming more challenging. However, skilled songwriters may still secure gigs as staff writers or collaborate with composers and performing artists on musical works.

“Top Man” explores Bladee’s struggles as he strives to overcome his addiction to drugs and alcohol. This song covers his failed relationships and inability to deal with emotions; while also detailing how drugs and alcohol became an escape for Bladee. The lyrics tell the tale of Bladee’s downhill path while depicting his downward spiral with vivid details about using drugs or alcohol to manage pain.

Achievement and Honors

TGK draws upon his experiences in the music industry to inform his popular song, “TopMan.” The track examines themes of perseverance, self-belief, and success pursuit; encouraging individuals to buck society expectations and pursue their passions without fear. With emotive lyrics and an appealing melody, “TopMan” has resonated with listeners from diverse backgrounds while creating a sense of empowerment and determination among listeners everywhere.

“TOPMAN” depicts Bladee as struggling with his feelings towards a romantic interest and using drugs and partying as a coping mechanism to escape his emotions. While he knows he should sleep instead, addiction to these activities allows Bladee to avoid dealing with negative emotions directly. This theme is highlighted throughout “TOPMAN.”

Personal Life

Topman is a menswear label known for partnering with designers like Agi & Sam and Astrid Andersen in the past, hosting shows at London Fashion Week and London Collections: Men. Under the creative directorship of Nasir Mazhar, Topman has built up an international following thanks to bringing its energy and street style from UK garage, grime, and dancehall culture onto high streets everywhere.

“Top Man” draws heavily from TGK’s personal journey in music to illustrate its meaning. This song celebrates perseverance and self-belief while encouraging listeners to follow their dreams despite challenges. Additionally, its lyrics and captivating melody have inspired listeners worldwide.

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