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Banjoist Torrin Daniels

Torrin Daniels is an internationally-recognized musician and member of Kitchen Dwellers. This group has performed at numerous renowned venues – such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre – as well as released two albums “Ghost in the Bottle” and “Muir Maid”.

Shawn Swain on mandolin, Torrin Daniels on banjo, Joe Funk on upright bass and Max Davies on acoustic guitar from Bozeman-based quartet come together in Bozeman-based quartet to perform bluegrass, folk, and rock through an eclectic kaleidoscope of homegrown stories, rich mythology and American West wanderlust.

Early Life and Education

Montana string band Kitchen Dwellers are well known for their experimental approach to bluegrass music known as Galaxy Grass. Ten-minute jams, spacey effects, and genre-hopping covers are hallmarks of their sets. On this episode, banjoist Torrin Daniels discusses his early learning days of banjo playing as well as developing his distinctive sound on new album Their Names Are the Trees by Kitchen Dwellers.

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Professional Career

Torrin Daniels is the banjo player for Montana-based bluegrass band Kitchen Dwellers, alongside Shawn Swain (mandolin), Joe Funk (upright bass), and Max Davies (acoustic guitar). Their music blends bluegrass, folk, and rock music into an engaging blend spanning homegrown stories, rich mythology, American West wanderlust, and psychedelic hues – providing audiences with an exciting live experience!

Anyone who watched Daniels perform with her band last night at The Wilma Theatre – or any of their previous livestreams – would probably agree there is something special and captivating about their chemistry and dynamic. Yet for Daniels personally, performing with them also holds an extra-therapeutic value.

Grateful Web caught up with him shortly before Denver Comes Alive to learn more.

Achievement and Honors

Kitchen Dwellers, a self-proclaimed “Galaxy Grass” quartet, fuse bluegrass, folk, and rock into an engaging blend that spans homegrown stories, rich mythology, American west wanderlust and psychedelic hues. Based in Bozeman Montana below the Bridger Mountains, their lineup consists of mandolinist Shawn Swain, banjo player Torrin Daniels, upright bassist Joe Funk and guitarist Max Davies.

With an original songbook, high-profile shows alongside Twiddle and Railroad Earth, and studio collaborations with Leftover Salmon and Greensky Bluegrass among others – it is evident that this band is doing things their way.

Wise River marks their foursome’s hard work to improve as songwriters, crafting songs that truly represent who they are as a group. “This album was probably our most collaborative effort yet,” according to Daniels.

Personal Life

Torrin Daniels enjoys hiking and playing sports with friends in his free time, being an animal lover as well as spending quality time with his family.

Torrin Daniels plays banjo for Kitchen Dwellers of Bozeman-based “galaxy grass” quartet Shawn Swain on mandolin, Joe Funk on upright bass and Max Davies on acoustic guitar.

Three years ago, below the Bridger Mountains, this group came together over afternoon breakfast and the smell of Irish coffee brewing. Their music blends bluegrass, folk, and rock into an unforgettable soundscape full of homegrown stories, American west wanderlust, and psychedelic hues.

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