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Toyota Corolla – The classic sedan

Toyota has been an undisputed symbol of Japanese perfection around the world for years. The models from Toyota Motor Corporation show a mature concept in all details and solid construction. The manufacturers guarantee high efficiency in terms of fuel consumption. One of the bestsellers of all time is the Toyota Corolla car – a true legend among mid-range family sedans!


A sophisticated design concept in all details

Toyota has revised the classic compact sedan and at the same time streamlined the range of models. Therefore we want to draw your attention to some interesting accents of the Toyota Corolla cars from 2014 and present the latest models in 2017. We have also created a picture gallery that is well worth seeing. Take your time researching the photos and you will definitely notice: at first glance, both models win us over with their smooth and elegant curves. This designer approach differentiates the Corolla models from all sports sedans in the same class. Sports cars basically rely on sharp edges and an aggressive appearance in every detail. Toyota Corolla is a family car, and as such, the car displays gentle style in all aspects of its external appearance.


In the interior you can enjoy a lot of comfort – leather seats and an impeccable dashboard

Now let’s take a look inside and find out together which remarkable innovations the Japanese manufacturer has integrated into the interior. First of all, all models come equipped with large LCD screens. Turn the key up and a welcoming Toyota message will appear on the screen. This is actually a multifunctional device that could also be used as a radio. This allows you to monitor each travel station correctly, because a navigation device with GPS coordinates input is available to you.


Integrated lighting for the driver and front passenger seats

In order to keep listing interesting details on the new Toyota Corolla models, we would like to emphasize the excellent metal surfaces. You are sure to be impressed by the actually shiny polished rings around some of the buttons on the front center console. Pay attention to the temperature and air flow regulators. Pure charm, isn’t it? Isn’t our brief overview enough to convince you that the Toyota Corolla is an extraordinary car? Let’s keep looking at its brilliant interior. Almost all models from 2014 and 2017 are designed with real leather seats. Some models can also be ordered with a leather dashboard, which makes the car look even more exclusive. One of the latest Toyota innovations can be found integrated in the 2017 series. This means the LED lighting on the front driver and front passenger doors.


Toyota Corolla Sedan is available in the latest color nuances

If we have piqued your interest in this great family car, you can click here for more information. The experts at the Japanese automaker have obviously thought of everything. If you need new autoteilexxl.de for your Corolla, you can find everything you need online. Research is definitely worth it!
Since its first appearance on the car market, Toyota Corolla has always fascinated car experts and fans just as much. Today it’s not just a modern and classy vehicle. It is a lifestyle attribute that reflects successful professional and personal life.


Corolla klassische Limousine 11






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