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Traditional dining room tables that go well with your modern home

The dining room doesn’t work without a table. This is the central element there and for this reason its decoration is very important.

The choice of material and table shape

dining room table dining room table

Choose your dining table carefully, think about which table shape suits your furnishing style best

dining room furniture-dining room table

It can also be a little unusual

Take a modern approach and strive for double functionality. The dining room table should already appear stable and decorative through the material and the shape. Choose wood for a traditional style. If possible, opt for an oval shape. We recommend mahogany or cherry as a material. These look upscale and are hard-wearing.
The oval shape will be a bit inconvenient in some cases. It requires more space than the other variants. But the problem can be solved if you get a table with folding sides. There are now very elegant dining room tables of this type that also have good mechanisms.

marble top dining room table

Which material would you like better? A marble slab maybe….

glass top dining room table

…. Or do you prefer a glass plate?

Other possible materials that both look traditional and fit the modern design are marble, glass, slate. For a more innovative look, we would use a polished surface.

Rustic, modern table

rustic dining room table

Rustic and modern in one


A rustic style dining table can also look modern

Would you like a dining room table in a rustic style? There are many modern variants of it and these can be inscribed in a minimalist design.

Trestle table for several visitors

paper table-dining room table

Even unexpected visitors are welcome and warmly welcomed here

Do you have a separate dining room in which you want to accommodate many visitors? For this, the wallpapering table will mostly be the best possible choice.
Regardless of which model you choose, the dining room table should not be lower than 75 cm.

Decoration tips

decorating dining room table

Decorate according to your taste and the specific occasion


You can create something beautiful yourself

Decorating the dining room table is a very demanding task and you should treat it as such. Be sure to use tablecloths that are of a suitable shape. Just like the table itself, these should fit in well with the rest of the room. If you plan to use the blankets all the time, they should look nice with the surface. This should be partially visible. Make an effort to make a feast out of every meal by using suitable dishes and other beautiful items. Some of the beautiful glass vessels and vases can be used as decorations all the time. Edible products can be visible there, which always stimulate the appetite for something healthy.

Scroll down and enjoy more picture examples in our gallery! Let yourself be inspired for many creative design ideas in the dining room!

deco dining room table






table-decoration-in-rustic-look-dining room table

deco dining table


candle decoration dining room table

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