Traditional Vs Electronic Greeting Cards – What Is the Future?

Every era and generation is different and develops different attitudes and outlooks toward life and work. The perspectives and habits change due to various reasons, and one of them is the continuing impact of the evolving social and technological trends. One common change one sees is the increasing use of ecards which are fast becoming more and more popular.

Gone are the days when people used to take out an envelope from their working table and place the card inside,  glue some stamps before heading out to the nearest letterbox to post. Today, one can send a card to their friends and family and deliver festive cheer with just a click.

So, which option is better, you may wonder, the traditional or the electronic greeting cards? Well, everyone may have their own preferences, but one thing is for sure, while one finds both traditional and electronic greeting cards in circulation, electronic greeting cards are certainly the future. Read on to know why.

The lost art–   Due to the ease and convenience of sending e-cards, sending traditional cards with handwritten notes and personal messages have become a lost art. Everyone is too busy to look for that perfect card, write a personal note and mail the card. It all seems like too much time and effort in shopping for the cards when one has the option of ecards which are fast and convenient.

Costs do matter– If one is in search of that perfect card with a beautiful note, it will come at a price. Plus, the costs can rise with the size of the card, the quality of the paper, the printing, and so on. Why should people spend so much on cards when they can send an electronic greeting card of their choice for free. Some even allow f the user to add some special notes to their e-card!

 The environmental aspects– Let us face reality, traditional cards are made from cardstock material and paper. Today it is difficult to imagine a life without paper, and thus, wood pulp is the principal fibrous raw material extracted from wood cut from trees. Thus, sending traditional greeting cards is not environmentally friendly as it uses tons of paper and paperboard in the process.

The time factor – Everyone knows that it is possible to send an electronic greeting card within seconds, while it may take some days or even weeks for the traditional greeting card to reach its destination. Thus, it makes more send to send an e-card which is not only convenient but a lot faster to send.

The ease and convenience- As electronic greeting cards are convenient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, one can send as many cards as they want to their family, friends, relatives, and colleagues at the workplace. Thus, one gets the opportunity to develop an increased relationship with the recipient and stay connected. That is simply not possible with traditional paper cards, which will turn out to be a lot more cumbersome and expensive affair.

While it is hard to deny that there is something about sending a traditional greeting card to your family or relative with a personal note, and the feeling is undoubtedly meaningful, and permanent, the trend of electronic greeting cards is already very popular and here to stay. The current generation believes in saving time, money, and efforts and cares less about other aspects. Moreover, the sheer physicality of finding the right card and the envelopes plus the stamps keep them away from the option of traditional cards. They find it more sensible and practical to look for an e-card, pen down a quick text with a dozen emojis, and send it right away with just a click.

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