Traffic law: tougher penalties in Germany

Starting tomorrow – Tuesday, April 28, 2020 – we should be even more careful on public roads in Germany than before. Because then the 54th Ordinance to Amend the Road Traffic Act (StVO) will come into force, with new rules and sometimes dramatically harsher penalties for driving too fast and parking incorrectly.

Tougher penalties in Germany: ADAC announcement

The new rules of the road traffic regulations (StVO) passed in February 2020 and higher fines for traffic violations apply from Tuesday, April 28, 2020. In addition to new traffic rules and higher fines, the amendment to the StVO is intended to ensure greater safety in cycling.54. Ordinance to amend the road traffic regulations (StVO) in Germany: new traffic sign prohibiting two-wheelers from overtaking in narrow streets
For overtaking on the road, the law now requires drivers to keep a distance of at least 1.50 meters from cyclists or e-scooters in built-up areas. At least two meters are required outside of built-up areas. To avoid serious accidents, vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are only allowed to drive at walking speed when turning right in built-up areas where cyclists or pedestrians are to be expected. Violations cost a fine of 70 euros, and there is also a point in Flensburg.

Driving bans at lower speed violations than before

Speed ​​offenders must reckon with a driving ban much earlier. A one-month driving ban is imposed in built-up areas if the speed exceeds 21 km/h (previously: 31 km/h). Outside of built-up areas, the one-month driving ban comes into effect if the speed exceeds 26 km/h (previously: 41 km/h).
Unauthorized parking in a handicapped parking space will in future cost 55 euros instead of 35. The offense of unauthorized parking in a parking lot for e-cars is new. Traffic law: From April 28, 2020, with the 54th Ordinance to Amend the Road Traffic Act (StVO), not only new rules and tougher penalties will apply in Germany - the 'rag' is already gone for lower speed violations than beforeA warning fee of 55 euros is due for this. Illegal parking in narrow or blind spots on the road or in the area of ​​a sharp bend will in future be punished with 35 euros instead of 15 euros. For general stopping or parking violations, the fines will be increased from up to 15 euros to up to 25 euros.
Parking in violation of the ban on footpaths and cycle paths and illegal stopping on protective lanes will also become more expensive, as will parking and stopping in the second row. For these violations, the fines will be increased from 15 euros to up to 100 euros. If other road users are impeded, there is a risk of a point in the driving aptitude register in Flensburg.

Rescue lane: points, driving bans and high fines

For the unauthorized use of a rescue lane and the failure to form a rescue lane, there is not only a fine of between 200 and 320 euros, but also a month’s driving ban. In addition, two points are entered in the driving aptitude register for these violations. The driving ban is imposed regardless of a specific danger or disability.

So-called auto-posing – causing unnecessary noise and avoidable exhaust nuisance, for example by driving back and forth uselessly – will in future be subject to a fine of up to 100 euros instead of up to 25 euros. x

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