Traveling with friends on Usedom

Traveling with friends on Usedom

It all started with a little It all started with a little “father-son story”. Meanwhile, a small group of quad drivers meet regularly under the name “Baltic Quad” for joint tours on the Usedom peninsula.
The father is once again to blame for everything. This is also the case with Lorenz Lenz. His father was and is the owner of a Polaris Sportsman 570. And because he likes his vehicle so much, Lütten was of course always allowed to ride with him. “However, even when I was three or four years old, I sat on children’s quads at village festivals and could hardly get off those things,” remembers Lorenz. Today Lorenz is big, the joy of quad biking has remained and so a 300 Maxxer was bought from a quad rental shop on the island a good two years ago.

Tours from two to eight hours

In action: Lukas on his Kymco Maxxer 300Since then there have been regular tours on Usedom, which are documented on YouTube and Instagram, among other places. However, Lukas has not been traveling alone for a long time. One of three to ten people meets two to three times a month, and they sometimes go on an eight-hour tour.
“Our group consists of people between the ages of 18 and 50 who simply enjoy sharing their hobby with like-minded people.” Newcomers are welcome. If you would like to go on tour with the Baltic Quad guys, you can find the contact to Lukas & Co. on Instagram. dlw

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