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Trends and tips for comfortable sofas

Sofas and couches are not only symbolic of rest, relaxation and wellness. They belong in the living room like flowers in the garden. Especially in times of increasing digitalization, oases of calm are very popular. This also includes generously sized sofas. We’ll give you a few tips on how you can enjoy your seating furniture for a long time.

Colors and shapes

beautiful-wise-sofa-model-with-throw pillows

In 2017, the motto “create warmth” will be the focus of furnishing trends. This warmth is achieved through natural tones and natural materials such as terracotta or cork. Even with the couches, the trend is towards soft tones: different variants of brown and gray or black. They have the advantage that you can combine them with a variety of colors: with brightly colored sofa cushions, a pastel-colored cozy blanket or an elegant white vase on the coffee table.

In addition to two-seater and three-seater, corner sofas are becoming increasingly popular. They optimally fill the room and create space for a large number of guests. Three to four people fit on the smaller models, and up to eight on the larger models. The couches are L-shaped or U-shaped and often offer the option of sleeping when guests come to visit. Curved backrests, soft shapes and rounded corners determine the appearance of the current models.


From microfiber to real leather

Nowadays a whole range of different materials are used when it comes to sofa covers. Microfiber is particularly easy to care for and cheap, but unsuitable if you have children or pets in your household. Every stain remains visible on the light colors. Animal hair gets stuck between the fibers and is difficult to remove.

Other models are covered with woven fabrics made from plant fibers. cotton is, for example, breathable and easy to wash. Even stubborn stains can be removed. Also linen is used. The material has a warming effect in winter and cooling in summer. However, nodules form quickly with frequent use.

References from leatherette are also an inexpensive alternative, especially to real leather. They are very insensitive to stains and can easily be cleaned with distilled water. The disadvantage here is that unsightly cracks will appear after a while, especially if the sofa is near the window or the heater.

Genuine leather-Couches look very elegant and of high quality. Compared to the other materials, they expect much more intensive care. Smooth leather is also suitable for children and pets. Suede, on the other hand, soaks up liquids quickly and permanent stains can be the result.


Which material is suitable for you depends on whether you have children or animals in the household and whether you use your sofa very often or in a more representative manner. You can find more information about different upper materials here.

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