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Trendy ideas in brown for your living room

The color deep brown and its great nuances have been trendy for some time. The earth tones look confident and bring structure to the design. As you can see in the photos, the results of using them in interior design are excellent.

In our picture gallery you see mainly living room furnishings, but this color can also be used in all other rooms. Brown is very suitable in the kitchen. This shade is the natural color of coffee, chocolate, roasted meat.

Many interior styles look just great with the help of this color. Only the classic and Victorian styles would have few furnishings in brown color. In the photo you can see a modern interior with brown as the wall color. The walls are not painted, but rather covered with wallpaper. The different shades of brown are fascinating. To complete the stylish look, the designers opted for dark brown curtains.

Nuance trendy living room in brown

Various shades of brown

In this photo we see an upscale house decorated in light brown. Pale colors like this create a cozy atmosphere and now bring a touch of distance into the room. As a base color, you couldn’t go wrong with brown.

Accents in green - trendy living room in brown

Accents in green refresh the look in this living room

The pieces of furniture in natural colors find their place in every home design and bring a touch of natural serenity with them. The brown sofa, for example, is very popular and is the focus of numerous living room designs.

Brown sofa and coffee table made of wood-Trendy living room in brown

Brown sofa and wooden coffee table

What looks more gorgeous than brown leather? You could also integrate this color into your interior in the form of textiles.

Brown leather sofa-Trendy living room in brown

Brown leather sofa

The numerous nuances, including cognac, sandstone, cashmere and chestnut, create a cozy and lush atmosphere. Combine the brown with cheerful colors for radiant accents.

Traditional sofa with decorative pillows-Trendy living room in brown

Traditional sofa with decorative pillows

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