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Trendy wall colors 2017 – what will be popular in the new year?

The new year 2017 is getting closer and closer. We are all looking forward to the coming holidays and hope for a happy new year. If you are about to renovate or redesign your own four walls, then you are sure to have a lot of thoughts floating around in your head and you will be wondering which color palette you can best use to make your home look cozy, stylish and trendy. We can help you with this and would be happy to show you which colors designers and interior designers chose to be fashionable in 2017. What is carried over from the old year to the new and remains in again? And which colors are brand new that want to shape the interior design in the coming year? We want to make your decision regarding the fashionable wall colors easier by presenting you with the latest color trends. Stay tuned for more information. We have practical tips and useful information ready for you.

Soft pinks and light blues still stay in!


Rose-Quartz remains in demand again in 2017.


The delicate shade of blue Serenity refreshes your interior

From the classic white to delicate pastel tones and natural nuances to strong colors, all of this will be in great demand in 2017! The delicate “rose quartz”, paired with “Serenity”, remains undisputed in the new year. The two super colors of the Pantone Institute for 2016 will be carried over into the new year. They continue to decorate our interiors and continue to introduce a romantic touch to our apartments. Now you can combine the delicate rose tones with peach – pastel nuances and pair baby blue with a new trendy color – greenery. Such a mix of colors undoubtedly creates a WOW effect in your home.

Gray has been in great demand for a few years and it will continue to do so in 2017!


50 shades of gray!

Gray is the new black, one often hears the experts say. Yes, all shades of gray have been very popular for several years, because they can be perfectly combined with pastel and bright colors. Gray brings a lot of harmony and visual balance into the interior and will undoubtedly remain popular again in the New Year.


Gray can be wonderfully combined with all other colors.

Greenery – the new trendy green color for 2017


Greenery exudes calm and serenity

The new year naturally brings something new with it. This time it is the Pantone color Greenery 2017. This is a very soft shade of green that puts us in the mood for calm and serenity. If you decide on this modern and super trendy color for your walls, you will surely spend the next 12 months relaxed and stress-free and certainly many more years in the future. Greenery is a natural shade that brings relaxation and peace into the interior. So you always feel comfortable, comfortable and in good hands within your four walls.


Greenery – the Pantone color for 2017

Live close to nature – all natural colors stay in again!

Modern man tries more and more to live environmentally conscious and close to nature. This clearly pronounced slope also determines our choice for delicate natural tones in the interior. We constantly draw new inspiration from nature, because nature is the greatest artist and could teach us a lot. The 2017 color trends include all natural colors that radiate calm and harmony and bring a natural flair into the house. Go for the natural color palette in the New Year and you will absolutely not go wrong! From sand yellow to raspberry red to chestnut brown, all of these warm natural tones will remain popular in 2017 and will freshen up any interior.


Live and live environmentally conscious and close to nature


All natural nuances remain popular and very popular again in 2017

Use bright colors on accent walls or as a splash of color


Sun yellow is always attractive and attracts everyone’s attention.

If you have a strong tendency towards the extraordinary and extreme, you can paint an accent wall in a fiery shade in 2017. Choose lemon yellow, orange, fire red or wine red and create great eye-catchers in your home. These always attract everyone’s attention and steal the show! The bright colors can only be distributed here and there as strong splashes of color and again achieve a strong visual effect. You can decide for yourself what works better in your interior. And if you need further useful information about the wall colors and practical tips for your wall design, then click here and learn a lot directly from the experts.


Pair the classic white with a warm shade of brown and you achieve a WOW effect

We just want to hope that you choose the right color for your wall design, which best suits your style, temperament and way of thinking, and which expresses your personality well. Because our home says a lot about ourselves.


Choose your favorite colors for your interior and express your individuality

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